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  1. abhij95


    Strong lineup, Good luck to all competing teams!
  2. abhij95

    Spartan Bhangra @ ADZ 2019 (First Place)

    Congrats on first, and a huge shoutout to the ladies for holding it down! Spartan is stepping it up at every competition. Below are a few of my callouts: 1. Energy should not overcomensate form and the completion of moves. The ladies in Ferozi and Red are model examples of proper balance...
  3. abhij95

    ★★★★★ FAUJ @ Vice City Bhangra 2019 ★★★★★

    Great performance and execution! The segment at 4:40 was nuts in terms of choreo variation and formations. Can't wait to see more of FAUJ in the near future.
  4. abhij95

    MBT @ Burgh XII 2018 **3rd Place**

    Excellent, great work MBT! So many refreshing new ideas, like the drop at 2:19
  5. abhij95

    6ix Watch Thread

    Congrats to all placings teams Regardless of the outcome, I'm proud of my boys.
  6. abhij95

    Bhangra in the 6ix Predictions

    1. Raakhe Virse De 2. NJ Waris 3. Dil De Rangeen Good luck to all competing teams!
  7. abhij95

    Bruin Bhangra XX (2018) Predictions

    Let's go Karan Bains
  8. abhij95

    Bhangra Blowout 25 (2018) Predictions

    Agreed, would have been great to see the Warriors win it all at their first competition
  9. abhij95

    Flying First Class

    This should be on Linkedin... Professional heart-throb
  10. abhij95

    UNC Bhangra Elite @ Bhangra in the Burgh 2017

    Overall was a very strong performance and intensity and dancer energy were great. Completely agree with Nimit on the concept of overpacking sets. When too much is going on drops become less impactful in my opinion. See yall at Mela
  11. abhij95

    Furteelay @ Bhangra in the Burgh 2017

    This performance was one of the most exciting Furteelay set's I've seen till date. Nakhra, energy, and choreography were on point. Execution and cleanliness could have used a little work but I understand that dancing on Burgh's unique stage could alter formations a bit. Shoutout to the youngins...
  12. abhij95

    Buckeye Mela XI Lineup Reveal!

    Midwest Midbest
  13. abhij95

    Bhangra in the 6ix Predictions

    1. NJ Folk Lovers 2. VSB 3. Soormay/NGPD tossup
  14. abhij95

    First Class Bhangra @ Clutch City Bhangra Competition (2017)--- 1st Place

    Love how Y'all incorporated the Dholi into saap formations
  15. abhij95

    Bruin bhangra 2017 predictions?

    Let's go MOB Chicago
  16. abhij95

    Bhangra Blowout 24: Winner Poll

    1. OSU 2. MBT 3. UNC
  17. abhij95

    ADZ Predictions

    RVD with the 10-man set
  18. abhij95


    Please do not post our performance from this past weekend