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    Bhangra Performance at Wedding Reception

    purple shirt needs to chill..
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    Karate kid Bhangra spoof lol

    how not to speak punjabi... stupid
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    Brown Parents are Haters

    ...you serious?
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    mm lunch tomorrow :)
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    i got your checking acct number - you're now poor. <3
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    Cool Team from India

    the first song is a bindrakhia song, loka da doodh i think , the second one i think is a.s kang boliyan (from like the early 2000's)
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    JK - Panga Peh Giyah ***Official Video***

    haha he keeps yelling at her
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    too many uh's and um's you need a script
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    What are the names of these two songs?

    :01 - :07 = Dj Sanj & Satwinder Birdi - Mitran Di Jaan 1:10 - 1:30 = Gurpreet Mann - Charkha
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    Sheran di kaum - Speedy Singhs must watch

    wasnt trying to relate the song to the image of punjabis... just a catchy tune you can throw on ur ipod. lol there is a jassi sidhu song too from this movie, that one is tight -- youtube that.
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    Sheran di kaum - Speedy Singhs must watch

    song is legit. a lot of cameos in this song... i heard that Drake is in this movie too? You can see Rob Lowe for a second towards the end. pretty amazing to see punjabi's doing work with big time US hip hop artist "Shera Di Kaum" (Full video song) Speedy singhs Ft. "Akshay Kumar", "RDB"...
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    rip Bhangra pt. 4

    i like the kids attempt at growing a mustache. puberty hasn't quite reached the poor kid yet lol this is bakwaas
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    JusReign Bhangra Performance (U of Guelph)

    now only if his bhangra was as good as his humor
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    She's baaaack...AGAIN!

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    Toronto Bhangra Allstars @ local gig

    just like underglow lights on a car are deemed a distraction to other drivers, i feel the same way about all these glow lights... too many of them cause too much of a distraction from the dance. its all i can focus on while im watching.