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  1. karandeol

    Looking for someone to tie paghs, wedding (Anaheim Area, August 2016)

    Hey! Email gotbhangranow@gmail.com, or send me a PM, and we would be glad to help you out! :)
  2. karandeol

    ***GTV Video - Buckeye Bhangra at Bhangra in the Burgh 9***

    exceeded expectations, huge improvements. great job something to consider: symmetry in formations (i.e. having random jodi colors in formations) i know its hard to explain pm if you have questions
  3. karandeol

    Any Dhol players in Southern California area (San Diego or LA) ?

    hey, you should send an email to gotbhangranow@gmaii.com and we would be glad to help you out!
  4. karandeol

    Proper Betka Technique

    if you are hitting them consecutively, at a faster tempo, i recommend you try to keep your toes on the ground at all times when doing them and just bouncing up and down with a straight back. prevents getting your heel caught on the chadra and is a little easier on the legs.
  5. karandeol

    [VIDEO RELEASE] DRP @ Bruin 2015 **Third Place**

    strong dancers all across the board, solid gimmicks. I love the new DRP style, using newer songs and all. this was the most creative set of the night in my opinion, saap and khunday were the weakest aspect of the set. can't wait to see what you guys bring next season!
  6. karandeol

    Swag of Farmer

    https://soundcloud.com/karandeol/swag-of-farmer https://soundcloud.com/karandeol/swag-of-farmer side note: anybody know how to work around the beats audio built into the newer hp laptops? the compression is weird and hard to work around, i always end up getting a lower sound. i tried turning...
  7. karandeol


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09DRenQb1dc on a side note, killer set, definitely not what i was expecting. fantastic song selection, great use of stage. only things i wasnt a fan of were the khunda chaal and the live singing of jatti. green dancer on the right for the sapp segment destroyed...
  8. karandeol

    Look Lak Animals (Roshan Prince + Maroon 5) - Dr. Srimix

    great job picking two songs that mesh really well together out of curiosity, did you use an acapella for animals?
  9. karandeol

    Song help please!

    jatt dil da bura ni by kaka bhaniawala https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XbpDg8OcMA
  10. karandeol

    just curious

    hey bro, go ahead and recreate any of my team mixes and lemme know how that works out for ya.
  11. karandeol

    just curious

    el oh el. i made the mix to prove a point. i made it literally in about ten minutes to show people just about how much effort some people put into mixes nowadays. as always, i genuinely appreciate the feedback
  12. karandeol

    just curious

    https://soundcloud.com/karandeol/kurta-pajama https://soundcloud.com/karandeol/kurta-pajama
  13. karandeol

    **NEW MIXES**

    i forgot who said this, but take this advice and run with it: just because two beats have the same/close to the same tempo, that doesn't mean they will sound good together. and try to be on count at the very least please.
  14. karandeol


    https://soundcloud.com/karandeol/krawl https://soundcloud.com/karandeol/krawl
  15. karandeol

    Gajjdi Jawani @ Big Apple Bhangra 2014

    thank you my dude.
  16. karandeol

    Tohar [Kick N Snare Mix] - DJ NITRONE

    kicks and snares seem randomly placed and off beat. kinda sounds like you came across your first drum kit. at least try to be on beat if you're gonna post something that's been beaten to death (i.e. a "kick and snare" mix.
  17. karandeol

    Multiple song requests

    3:13 is Boli by Ammy Virk off the Jattizm album
  18. karandeol

    Gajjdi Jawani @ Big Apple Bhangra 2014

    https://soundcloud.com/karandeol/gajjdi-jawani-big-apple-bhangra-2014 https://soundcloud.com/karandeol/gajjdi-jawani-big-apple-bhangra-2014