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  1. PartyJatt

    Looking for a glass smash sample

    Use the ending of Boli Pani
  2. PartyJatt

    Comoooonty Debate: Punjabi Top 3s

    Best 3 Current Singers (+/- 2 years): Pav Dharia, Amar Sajaalpuri, Gurnam Bhullar GOAT 3 Singers: Surjit Bindrakhia, Jazzy B, Gurdas Mann Best 3 songs of all time (dance floor banger): Mitran Da Na Chalda (Harjit Harman), Jatt Di Pasand, Mitran Nu Maar Gaya Best 3 songs of all time...
  3. PartyJatt

    Bhangra Hubs of North America?

    Toronto - Nachdi Jawani and their academies, SGPD and their House of Bhangra, Shaan Punjab Dee, Nachde Yaar Punjab De, Xtreme Bhangra
  4. PartyJatt

    What is the best jhoomar of all time?

    One of the best Jhoomer segments I can remember off the top of my head is PANJ @ Elite 8 2010 (The iconic sexy shoulder move, one of my favorite moves), SGPD @ Elite 8 2011, and NYPD @ TDOT 2011 (My Favorite Performance of all time) PANJ (3:57) SGPD (5:10) NYPD (6:20)
  5. PartyJatt

    DILJIT ft. HarmanToor -- VEER VAAR (Indian Summer Remix)

    The Man. The Myth. The Legend. Harman Toor returns and blesses us with four amazing tracks. Glad to see you back in action!
  6. PartyJatt

    What happens when you hit 2000 posts?

    The more you post = higher chance Hardeep will quote you and troll
  7. PartyJatt

    Top Dancers

  8. PartyJatt

    Who's here to claim the throne?

    Winning invitational competitions such as Elite 8 and WBBC in the same year.
  9. PartyJatt

    Cost for 5-6 mins bhangra mix

    The only mixer that comes to mind when checking off this list would be Harman Toor from NYPD imo.
  10. PartyJatt

    Fire Missing From the Circuit

    Bring back Ventrilo and we could all talk this out
  11. PartyJatt

    *First Class Bhangra - Bhangra in the Burgh 9 GTV*

    This post contains too many inside jokes that I want to know about...
  12. PartyJatt

    *GTV VID+MIX* Bhangra All-Stars Sydney (BASS) @ Bhangra Down Under 2015 - 2ND PLACE

    Re: Bhangra All-Stars Sydney (BASS) @ Bhangra Down Under 2015 - SECOND PLACE Deserved First Place.
  13. PartyJatt

    Looking to Join a Bhangra Team in NYC

    I hit you up on Facebook Howie.
  14. PartyJatt

    Quick help needed!!

    Lol there's no link
  15. PartyJatt

    Looking to Join a Bhangra Team in NYC

    Looking to join a Bhangra team in NYC (Queens/Manhattan pref.) 21 // Have prior dance experience and open to any changes in form, execution, etc. Please contact me via e-mail or private message. jaideephira@gmail.com Thanks.
  16. PartyJatt

    Anakh Sherniyan Di - BATF 2nd Place!

    The dude in the black absolutely killed the chaal in the beginning
  17. PartyJatt

    Pacquiao or Mayweather?

    If this fight goes to decision, Floyd's winning for sure.