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    Elite 8 Bhangra Invitational 2015: Judges' scores & other notes

    Just to add on. Yes the mix was updated, thank you being accommodating. To keep full transparency as to what happened, the correct mix was played at the dress rehearsal and the wrong was played at the show.
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    SGPD coming back?

    Vic - Make T Dot happen bro!
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    F★A★U★J at World's Best Bhangra Crew 2013

    If you put a team on your Profile its fair game to assume they are on the team. Also Kin's post was more of a comparison to help him see why a Tank wasn't "random." Anyways, your feedback is noted, although it seems like you completely missed the point of what we were trying to do or have been...
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    Marathon blasting in Boston

    Here is link that Google put together to help find/report missing people. http://google.org/personfinder/2013-boston-explosions Google killing it right now.
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    Marathon blasting in Boston

    At this point, they keep finding more packages. Not sure if they are confirmed bombs or just suspicious. From what I can tell, they are shutting down any area they find suspicious. Traffic in certain area is at a dead stop. President Obama is going to be on at 6:10. Hopefully we will know...
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    Marathon blasting in Boston

    FAUJ has already reached out to everyone in Boston we know, Family and Friends. Everyone is safe and indoors. We wanted to reach out to the Bhangra community in case anyone is in Boston for the Marathon or has family members in Boston. Certain buildings in Boston are on lock down, the T has...
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    No one does Simple Phumania anymore?

    don't blame judges, comps set up creative rubrics that the judges have to follow up.
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    WSA Shirts For Sale!!

    wow Danny doing serious work! Love the design!
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    F★A★U★J at World's Best Bhangra Crew 2013

    ahhhhhhhhhhh sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
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    Boston area dholi needed - paid gig

    Cherag Sehli - 617 335 5106 He is the Best Dholi in Boston and constantly being booked.
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    Who Will be the World's Best Bhangra Crew?

    It's "F*A*U*J" Thank You!
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    Rooh Punjab Dee @ Warrior Bhangra 2013

    I haven't seen a good live set in a while. this was hot/creative in its own way. Always been a fan of RPD! Congrats boys!
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    VIBC's City of Bhangra 2013 Website update! Team and Artist lineup is released!

    great lineup! are you guys still accepting more out of town teams? Best of luck!
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    NGPD at HOB Rising Stars

    little green manz ripped it!
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    Where to get the best props

    That's like dancing with PVC pipes for khunde. You can easily tell they look fake, and dancers look weird on stage. Phagwara, India ftw.
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    BHANGRA AT THE BELL 2013- Feedback

    Wanted to personally thank you guys for putting on a great show. We had a great time this weekend and wouldn't change it for anything. Special shout out to our liaisons Priyanka and Jeramiah for being up late at night with us and waking up at 7 AM with us. I blow with names, so I am going to...
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    Bhangra at the Bell 2013 Predictions

    A Team's bringing the KJ kid back.
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    dream bhangra team lineup

    In order for this to happen. Teams need to step up and not make excuses. Elite 8 and WBBC - great ideas but if the teams don't follow through, the comp can't do anything. I would personally love for all the teams that think they are the "BEST" team in the circut to step up and say I am...
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    Warrior Bhangra Competition 2013 - Official Team Line Up

    This comp is live teams paradise! SICKKKKKKKKKKKKKK def going to this comp next year ;)