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  1. Jazzy Singh

    Dhol loop request

    Does anyone have dhol loops from these 2 songs.one is an old skool mix(bhabi mera gut-bhangra craze album) and one is a mix by DJ Lishkara.
  2. Jazzy Singh

    Need the Vocal “punjabi”

    If anyone has the vocal “punjabi” can they plse upload/link the file.
  3. Jazzy Singh

    Vocal”ah ha” request

    I couldn’t find ah ha anywhere on the bhangra forum. Not bari kholkey ver.If some one has it can the post it? Thx
  4. Jazzy Singh

    need help

    I learn mixing without tutorials i learned it while using acid. Took some trail and error before uploading my first mix, but now it takes one try and its finally finished. It takes practice. Before uploading on soundcld( if u are), listen to ur mix before rendering it couple of times. Try...
  5. Jazzy Singh

    Looking for a specific dhol loop?

    Does anybody have the dhol loop used in the remix thrill dhol mix by dj lishkara
  6. Jazzy Singh

    Looking for Vinyl scratch sound effects

    Hey, im looking for vinyl scratch sound effects. If anyone have any can they plse post it.
  7. Jazzy Singh

    Converting mp3 to Wav(Acid pro)

    How do i convert mp3 to wav in Acid Pro 9 without messing up the beatmarkers?
  8. Jazzy Singh

    Looking for a loop

    Does anyone have the loop at 31:13 ?
  9. Jazzy Singh

    Looking for Sial Koti loops

    sorry man. I can’t. if those loops get out for free, here on BTF I might get in trouble. Lol. All I can say is the loops are eqed to the point where it sound like dhad buts its not. Even the real bugchu sounds like dhad. Difference: both of these instrument has different pitch between them. I...
  10. Jazzy Singh

    Looking for Sial Koti loops

    try searching for sagloops: bugchu There’s bunch of bugchu under Bally Sagoo’s Sagloops. See which bugchu u like. I hve all of the loops from “Sagloops” albums on my harddrves.
  11. Jazzy Singh

    Your thoughts

    I wanna knw ur opinion. What software u like the most: Ableton Acid Pro FL Studio or other?
  12. Jazzy Singh

    human barking--hip hop vocal/sample--help

    thanx bro. that's the exactly vocal I was looking for. do u hve the loops used in these mixes?the loops r also used in many of the mixes in strictly Punjabi albums. I've cut them cuz the whle mix is 2 large to upld on BTF.
  13. Jazzy Singh

    human barking--hip hop vocal/sample--help

    I'm looking for a human barking vocal/sample that has a deep voice. I think the vocal/sample sound more of a hip-hop. I've searched the internet for 2 hours and I couldn't find it. if anyone has the sample can they plse post it. thank you.
  14. Jazzy Singh

    loop help

    I need the whole loop track thats used in this remix(punjab remix sample) and which is also used in putt jattan de remix.the loop is used in many of songs in strictly punjabi albums. and the dhol roll used in flower remix at the end. i trimmed the actual mixes as a sample to show what loops i need.
  15. Jazzy Singh

    jhoomer dhol loops

    Use this information at your own risk. Some loops that Dj use in their mixes are out there but are in old skool songs. Some of the parts are in the beginning or in the end and some parts are in between. I actually had listen to these old skool bhangra songs in order for me to find out what...
  16. Jazzy Singh

    Need a beat from a mix

    Actually i cant cause of Acid Pro’s terms.The term said i cant redistibute any of its loops.sorry I dont wanna get in trouble. The person who remixed this song might’ve used the same program during the time he mixed it. Remix sound like early 2000’s type.
  17. Jazzy Singh

    Need a beat from a mix

    I’ve found what I was looking for. It was in the acidized loops from Acid Pro.
  18. Jazzy Singh

    loop requests

    Can u also send me other loops from his old skool songs if u have them?
  19. Jazzy Singh

    Need a beat from a mix

    im looking for beat/kick that sounds like a guitar bass.It was used in many old skool mixes.If anyone has it can they plse post it to this page. i have a sample of a song which the beat was used in:
  20. Jazzy Singh

    loop requests

    bro im looking for loops that were used in sukshinder shinda old skool songs and jazzy b old skool songs.The one that u gave me arent the one im looking.