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  1. PunjabiMelaBhangra

    A team spot opened up for Richmond Bhangra Competition

    The team Registration for Our annual Punjabi Mela Bhangra Competition is again open due to one team unable to complete the registration! Please Apply ASAP as participation is first come first serve basis!!!! Saturday, April 18th, 2020 at The Shed at Main Street Station Richmond Virginia...
  2. N

    Professional teams leveraging collegiate resources (and vice versa)

    Hi BTF! I wanted to survey the circuit on the topic of: professional teams dominating resources of collegiate teams, and in return, collegiate teams benefitting unfairly from these relationships. For example, take an alliance like BU Bhangra and FAUJ, where FAUJ members have been dancing under...
  3. thebhangrapodcast

    Team Profile: Da Real Punjabiz with Luv Sangha and Harji Charaia

    Hey BTF! On this episode of The Bhangra Podcast, we talk to Luvreet Sangha and Harji Singh Charaia who are former captains of Da Real Punjabiz, a collegiate team out of UCSD. We talk to them about: -The development of their set design -How they come up with their crazy gimmicks -How the team...