first class bhangra

  1. Amrish_Selvam

    Quarantine Dance Challenge

    Hey BTF, I don’t usually make posts like this, but I just wanted to share this quarantine bhangra challenge where I attempt to do 10 different sets back to back with one-minute breaks. Also apologies in advance for any choreo mistakes – I did my best to do justice to these amazing sets but...
  2. Bruin Bhangra

    Bruin Bhangra XX (2018) Predictions

    Who will join the ranks of past Bruin winners? 1999- UCLA Chak de Phatte 2000- UCLA Chak de Phatte 2001- UCSD People’s Bhangra 2002- Vancouver Vibe 2003- Vancouver Vibe 2004- Boston Bhangra 2005- Boston Bhangra 2006- Khalsa Junction 2007- Lethal Bhangra Crew 2008- Da Real Punjabiz 2009-...
  3. B

    First Class Bhangra @ Bhangra in the Burgh 11 (2nd Place)

    It's a little late but here you go, here is the video of First Class Bhangra at Bhangra in the Burgh 11. As always big shoutout to Harjot Hundal of GTV for making sure everyone can see the mascara in our beards with his 4K vids! Here is our official mix, props to DJ Kavs for dropping some...
  4. siddyp

    First Class Bhangra @ Clutch City Bhangra 2017 MIX

    What up BTF Want to give special thanks to DJ Law, First Class Beats, and Dr. Srimix on making our mix for Clutch City Bhangra 2017. Keep an eye out for the video release! We decided to try to theme our song selection: Only pick songs from 2010 and older. Let us know what you think! Hope...