first place

  1. siddyp

    First Class Bhangra @ Clutch City Bhangra 2017 MIX

    What up BTF Want to give special thanks to DJ Law, First Class Beats, and Dr. Srimix on making our mix for Clutch City Bhangra 2017. Keep an eye out for the video release! We decided to try to theme our song selection: Only pick songs from 2010 and older. Let us know what you think! Hope...
  2. kdshah

    KPGD at Bruin Bhangra XIX- 1st place

    What’s up BTF! Here is our video from Bruin. We tried to do something very different this year and hope you enjoy our production: “A Journey Through Time.” If anyone has any other videos of us, feel free to post them here! We'd love to see other views :) Shoutouts: Bruin committee- (Vaibhav...