1. R

    Punjabi Classic/Folk Song Recommendations?

    I'm the bandleader of a Desi/South Asian band at my university, and I'm trying to arrange a Punjabi medley to showcase the wide variety of culture in Punjab (both India and Pakistan). We have Punjabi male/female singers, dhol, tumbi, etc., and might add a bhangra dancer or two alongside. I'm...
  2. LegacyofBhangra

    WE'RE BACK! Legacy of Bhangra IV

    Hey BTF! It has been a long 2 years since we last met! But guess what!? WE ARE BACK! & Back better than ever. After hosting 3 successful and humbling competitions, the LOB Committee presents to you, " Legacy of Bhangra IV ". Its time to bring tradition back to the Bay! We invite teams to bring...
  3. B

    Bhangra State of Mind VI Lineup

    BSM IS ECSTATIC TO ANNOUNCE OUR 6TH YEAR'S LINEUP! HERE IT IS FOLKS: MUSIC 1. Gabroo Gulab Wargey | Central Valley, CA 2. Mehak Punjab Di | Manteca, CA 3. Pehchann Apni Nachdi Jandi (PANJ) Bhangra | Surrey, B.C. 4. VanCity Bhangra | Surrey, B.C. 5. Virse De Shokeen | Central Valley, CA 6. VIBE...
  4. Vasda Punjab Bhangra

    Vasda Punjab Bhangra Competition!!!

    We are happy to announce, happening for the FIRST TIME EVER......Vasda Punjab Bhangra Competition. VPB is being held at San Joaquin Delta College on Saturday June 30th 2018. Registration packets will be released soon. If you have any inquiries at this time please contact Paramdeep Singh...
  5. Sehwag319

    Folk mixes - live bhangra

    Hi guys I’m trying to find folk/live bhangra mixes on soundcloud but there’s not too much out there apart from Prodigy ... Can anyone direct me to any others? Thanks
  6. J


  7. desi99

    Flower City Bhangra All Live Competition - 5AAB TV

    Rose Theatre, Brampton, Nov 4, 2017 Note: Live stream recording freezes at parts
  8. siddyp

    Punjabi University Folk Bhangra Project

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3