1. A

    Margib - Tich Lagdi x Sajna Da Naam (Jazzy B, Satwinder Birdi)

    Punjabi mashup with Deep House, Hip-Hop, and Hard Trap elements.
  2. A

    Margib - Ishare Tere x Taki Taki (Guru Randhawa x DJ Snake)

    A harder version of Taki Taki mixed with Ishare Tere by Guru Randhawa
  3. CaliDholConnect

    Urban Bhangra Mashup

    Check out my Urban Bhangra Mashup! If any teams want to use the mix or a track, email me and I can send the version without the DJ drop! <iframe width="100%" height="300" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay" src=""></iframe>
  4. DJ Jet

    Yaar Beli x God's Plan (DJ JET feat. Drake, Guri, Deep Jandu)

    Just a little something I put together in my free time. Here I mixed Yaar Beli by Guri with God's Plan by the one and only Drake. The songs sit well together and I introduced some new elements to each song for a twist. Feedback is appreciated - enjoy!
  5. A

    Issa Jatt v Candyshop

  6. DJMonte-S

    Guru Randhawa x Charlie Puth - High Rated Attention [DJ Monte-S Bhangra Trap Remix]

    After a blast of #SeratoBhangra5, Punjabi Mashup King is back after 1.8 year. #GuruRandhawa #CharliePuth with #BhangraTrap Beats Don't forget to share it, comment it on youtube \m/ Enjoy Watch Mashup Video:- Song name:- Guru Randhawa x Charlie Puth - High Rated Attention [DJ Monte-S Bhangra...
  7. srikarran

    Mi Gente BollyBhangra Mashup

    Would love to hear thoughts on this!
  8. Armaan

    Unforgettable Superstar (Armani Remix)

    Made a mashup with Unforgettable by French Montana and Superstar by SukhE/Musical Doctorz/DivyaBhatt. Trying to put out some more tracks to close the summer out niiiice. Please share and like if you enjoy it!
  9. CaliDholConnect

    Kaur Power Workout

    My latest mix is now on SoundCloud! 6 female sung Bhangra tracks under 5 minutes. If anyone wants to use the mix let know so I can send you the version without the DJ drop.
  10. P

    Tesher Thread [New Remixes Weekly!] [21/02: NASHE SI CHAD GAYI Bhangra Remix] This Week's Remix Nashe Si Chad Gayi Bhangra Remix (Feat. Lehmber Hussainpuri & Diljit Dosanjh)