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  1. G

    DJ GT - Diljit + Rihanna - Born To Shine Mashup

    Hey BTF Fam, It's been awhile. In honor of the recent events in India, I made this quick mashup of Diljit's Born to Shine and Rihanna's Diamonds. Be sure to check it out and look out for more mixes. Thanks, Gurjit #NoFarmersNoFood
  2. J

    Bakshi Billa Vocals

    Does anyone on here have the acapella to "Yaarane Mitraan De" or "Yaarane Jattan De" by Bakshi Billa? It was going around a few years ago but can't seem to find it anymore.
  3. R

    Punjabi Classic/Folk Song Recommendations?

    I'm the bandleader of a Desi/South Asian band at my university, and I'm trying to arrange a Punjabi medley to showcase the wide variety of culture in Punjab (both India and Pakistan). We have Punjabi male/female singers, dhol, tumbi, etc., and might add a bhangra dancer or two alongside. I'm...
  4. A

    Silk Road Punjabi (Punjabi v Central Asian mixtape)

    A journey down the Silk Road, with Urban Desi and Bhangra songs mixed with Pop and Hip-Hop from Turkey, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan.
  5. #GoGetSinder

    Anyone notice this about Punjabi Music Videos?

    There's a disconnect between Punjabi Songs and their respective Music Videos !! You probably already knew that. I want to talk about this disconnect in efforts to start a conversation about what we are seeing from the Punjabi Entertainment Industry; and how we should demand better quality...
  6. A

    Margib - Jee Karr Daa Blanco (Harrdy Sandhu, J. Balvin)

    Got another vibey Latin v Punjabi mashup
  7. J


    May 2020, Karan Aujla is coming to North America on tour for the first time! Be ready to go to one of the best concerts of your life! Enjoyed Sidhu Moosewala tour last year? This time, Jatt Entertainment, is bringing another top and fire artist, Karan Aujla. Find out if you're city is on the...
  8. A

    Article: Is this the Decade we say RIP to traditional Punjabi music?

    https://dailyentxpress.com/is-this-the-decade-we-say-rip-to-the-tradtional-bhangra-song?fbclid=IwAR17-mcMTu-71VBWu9u0wPQ-mmwQLG0QitsuUFcawG2lb9IlnYHMtO8r7r0 Food for thought
  9. OtJassa

    NEW TRACK- Punjabi rap/trap music

    Hey Guys, I've released another track, check it out and share!
  10. L

    Looking for Punjabi/Bhangra singers

    Hi guys, As the title states, im looking for some singers which would be up for singing on my original tracks I’ve been working on. I’m going more for a mix of urban Bhangra but need some singers as my skillet doesn’t cover that. If you are able to write lyrics as well that would be fantastic...
  11. A

    Margib - Tich Lagdi x Sajna Da Naam (Jazzy B, Satwinder Birdi)

    Punjabi mashup with Deep House, Hip-Hop, and Hard Trap elements.
  12. DJ Jet

    Yaar Beli x God's Plan (DJ JET feat. Drake, Guri, Deep Jandu)

    Just a little something I put together in my free time. Here I mixed Yaar Beli by Guri with God's Plan by the one and only Drake. The songs sit well together and I introduced some new elements to each song for a twist. Feedback is appreciated - enjoy!
  13. S

    Nasheyan Thon Mask Off (Live Mix) - Ranjit Mani x Future - mixed by C-KLINE

    Check out this mix guys Regarding this mix, C-KLINE had this to say: " Check out this live mix of 'Nasheyan Thon Dhoor' by Ranjit Mani and 'Mask Off' by the world famous rapper, Future. The Punjabi lyrics go into explaining the negatives of taking drugs and being involved in gangs; it's a must...
  14. A

    Issa Jatt v Candyshop

  15. Rupinder Dhillon

    Need a ghost producer

    What's up everyone on BTF!! I'm a Punjabi music producer and lately I've been bombarded with numerous offers and projects. I want to do them all, but I'll need someone's help to do so. I'm looking to HIRE a ghost producer. Yes, you will be paid. I need someone who is good with trap and bhangra...