1984 Murderer to speak at Northwestern tomorrow, May 10


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This is from an email I got from the Sikh Coalition... All you Northwestern hoodies, get a hold of some picket signs and crack some skulls.

Dear Supporters -

A few hours ago, the Sikh Coalition learned that India's Commerce Minister, Kamal Nath, will be speaking at Northwestern University tomorrow, May 10. According to numerous human rights reports, Mr. Nath led a mob of 4,000 people that attacked and destroyed Gurudwara Rakab Ganj in New Delhi and burned alive several Sikhs inside in November 1984. Journalist, Sanjay Suri, reported Kamal Nath's presence in front of Gurudwara Raka Sahib on November 1. Mr. Nath was described as 'controlling the crowd.'

While justice for the events of 1984, especially when powerful Indian leaders are involved, is all but impossible to obtain, there is no reason that Sikhs in the West should allow accused perpetrators to come to the United States without comment. That Northwestern University will host this person is deplorable.