2 Questions ab FL Studio

Jasmit Gill

1) does someone know a good way to get fl studio for free ik tie cheap but like there has to be a way

2) can someone teach me or link me to a good tutorial for fl studio and mixing/transitioning in do studio. Tutorials for Punjabi music only since the other music type tutorials don’t really help


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BTF Mixing Mod
1. Torrent - Buy it if you like it... It's worth the $200 investment

2. Once you get FL studio, check out Firewalk on youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVvm9kiF99TiXlZAbIQq9RQ
There are tutorials for mixing, production, etc but unfortunately not Punjabi music. The knowledge you'll get from there is transferable to all types of music.
Transitioning is not hard and will come with practice! Learning how to match bpm, layer effects, automate volume and EQ (sometimes) will be useful for transitioning.

If you have any other questions about FL studio, pm me and I'll be happy to discuss!