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2018 Mixing Ladder: Final Results


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BTF Mixing Mod
On behalf of @Jasnoor98, @Basim and myself, we'd like to give a HUGE shoutout to all of the mixers who participated this season! Additionally, we'd like to thank all of those who participated in our prizes!

Special shoutout to a veteran guest DJ @Klasikhz for helping us out in our final week. If you don't already follow him, please do so and support his effort:

There was a lot of great mixing this season, and we hope this can continue in the future.

Our winner for this year is DJ MOMO, who went from 24th position to 1st in these past 8 weeks. Congrats DJ MOMO on this win! Our final prizes will be given out soon, so stay tuned for that.

Here are the final rankings:

2 Suave Sahib
3 Double A
6 DJ Juggy
7 DJ Chet
8 Amundeep
9 DJ ManDown
10 Mogul
11 Sahota Productions
12 Ns_moose
13 MSB
14 a minhas productions
15 s.h
16 DJ Monga
17 DJ M


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Just wanted to quickly praise @Jasnoor98 & @TegHans on really stepping up and doing a wonderful job running the majority of the ladder on their own. This was their first year as mixing ladder mods and despite their busy schedules, they made time and were committed to make sure the ladder didn't just fall apart. I gave them space to bring creative ideas and run things in their own way, which allowed them to learn and bring great ideas/creativity to the table.

I stayed involved to help guide and often "nudge" them along to make sure things were progressing, so I apologize if I was too pushy ever, but I really couldn't have asked for better leaders. Hope they can be involved again in the future, because this might have been my last year to be involved. We have a wonderful new set of BTF site moderators @angeblah @sahab @sdadoo15 @Sehj @UmerQureshi96 @AmitojSThind @Ashley94 who I'm sure will step in to bring back Season 5 sometime in the future!

In additional to our winner DJ MOMO (@MohitoK), I want to congratulate and say thank you to the folks below for actually participating and going to the very end of the ladder without receiving a single strike for not responding to a challenge or not submitting a mix. That was not easy to do consistently so we truly thank you for your dedication the ladder and hope you join again in the future.

Suave Sahib (@SuaveSahib)
DJ Chet (@chetan08)
Mogul (@mogul517)
Ns_moose (@sahrawat)
DJ ManDown (@Mr Sandhu)
s.h (@Simer)
a minhas productions (@ICMENT)

We would love to hear any feedback or ways to improve that you guys can suggest for the future! We're open to constructive criticism. Signing out from another successful season!

~ Basim :)

P.S. - If you have yet to listen to our appearance on TheBhangraPodcast, you definitely don't want to miss out: http://bhangrateamsforum.com/a/threads/interview-with-btf-mixing-ladder-winner-episode-23.29862/


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Just wanting to quickly update everyone that we awarded the following two individuals with prizes:

1) DJ MOMO (@MohitoK) - for climbing up the highest ranks and winning the 2018 (Season 4) BTF Mixing Ladder, Mohit will receive an extensive sample pack featuring exclusive HQ dhol recording made by Dholi Nihal, tabla recordings, and a variety of rare loops. This prize was provided by Keshav (@kman58 ). Look out for some communication soon!

2) Raghav (@Raghavtrip) - a $10 Amazon gift awarded to Raghav for consistently voting and/or providing feedback to DJ's week after week (without ever being asked to)! The mixing mods highly appreciated your commitment. Congrats! Look out for an e-mail soon. The prize was provided by Teg (@TegHans), Jasnoor (@Jasnoor98), and Basim (@Basim)

Until the next ladder. Cheers!

~ Basim :)


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Congrats!! Thanks everyone, for contributing mixes, contributing opinions, and moderating


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Maybe we could do monthly BTF mixes? Not for a ladder but just for feedback to improve? Like someone suggests a song, and whoever wants to remix that song and post it to the thread can, and then others can give some feedback for it?