2019 Elite Bhangra Competition Results!!!!!

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Elite Bhangra Competiton arranged by Desi Entertainment group held on July 13, 2019 at Abbotsford arts centre was a success with 16 teams that participated. Out of 16 teams 4 teams came from Alberta, 1 from Seattle and rest from various cities within BC.

Competition was arranged in 2 categories:

1) Junior: up to 14 years of age ( 9 Teams participated)
2) Senior: no age restriction ( 7 Teams participated)

Junior Teams result:
1st Place: Rangla Punjab
2nd Place: Young Bhangra
3rd Place: Bhangra Avenue

Senior Team results:
1st Place: Young Bhangra Calgary
2nd Place: Shan-e Punjab Girls
3rd Place: Van City Bhangra

For more details Call at 778-241-2148 or email at elitebhangra@yahoo.com

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