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**2020 Mixing Ladder: Final Results**


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BTF Mixing Mod
On behalf of myself, @Basim , @Jasnoor98 , @srikarran , and @TegHans, we'd like to give a HUGE shoutout to all of the mixers who participated in the BTF Mixing Ladder Season 5! Additionally, we'd like to thank all of those who voted and a especially to those who took the time to provide feedback to the DJs.

This year we had decided to change up the ladder to two elimination brackets to add some more competitiveness to the match ups and we hope it was a great success. There was a lot of great mixing this season and there many mixers who had shown some great promise. We hope this opportunity allowed them to fine tune their craft and improve.

Without further ado, our winner for Bracket A is Dj Sahota (@Arman_Sahota) and our winner for Bracket B is KSM (@kman58)! The Mixing Mods all pitched in to get a special prize for both winners - please be on the lookout in your BTF inbox.

If you haven't already you may check the final breakdown of both brackets below.



All soundcloud mixes will soon be made public and DJs can feel free to repost any of their mixes if they would like on their personal accounts:

We hope the BTF community enjoyed this years competition. Below is a Google Form so that anyone can provide feedback on what they liked in this year's ladder and what can be improved.

Until Season 6,

- BTF Mixing Moderators