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Small piece of insight.
Most tracks are never mixed and mastered by the people who produced.

From the little I heard, its just extremely basic mixing.
I'll give KOAS, who ever does their vocal engineering is amazing!

But the song it self is a no effort production on their part.

EDIT: Just listened to it properly. It sounded worse than I thought. The stabs, and synth are so bad, its hard to bear. Vocals are mixed poorly as well. (The recording itself isnt mad). Who every recorded the harmonium did a wonderful job to make sure to record key finger stroke (you can hear the keys slamming).

Hands down one of the worst KOAS songs. Production was cheap and crap. Mastering was subpar. This seemed like a a quick cash grab on KOAS, they screwed over Gurj Sidhu. (And if they picked Gurj as singer, I feel bad for him.) His voice is decent, but production sounds like something with some effort couple of the BTF ladder mixers could put together.

Not to shameless promote, I've put stuff together that sounds just as good minus the vocals and vomit trap crap.


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Lolll this was pretty bad, he should stick to music like Nazareh and putt sardaran de, folk stuff. Just like JK


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This song was decent in terms of lyrics and composition but music wise there was too much that I didn't understand. The trap twist, with usual reggae vibe Kaos is on, didn't work for me. :p Straight up
Mixing and mastering was done at last minute; I could hear how bad it is.
Compared it with three different speakers (Bose, BeatsByDre, Sony) and the stabs hurt ::)
Gurj should be more focused and sticking to folk, just a personal opinion though.
With this track he's coming off as really confused. He's doing too much. Let's face it, straight up, his voice isn't meant for this commercial shit he tried to pull off with this one. I thought he learned his lesson with his experiences alongside Tigerstyle, but I hope he does now. Stick to folk and you'll go far. This guy, no doubt, has the potential of becoming a legend and he's UK born ;D


I thought this song was dope and many people I know here in California thought so as well. We all love Gurj Sidhu's powerful vocal and Amo Hayer (Kaos Productions) went outside of his comfort zone with the production. They did so to get a better mass appeal. All of you may be right that the production quality is subpar or rushed, I think the overall track is a good listen. I am typically a folk guy but this one showed us what else they have to offer. I look forward to Gurj's album 'Sentimental Value.'