A newbie goes and buys a dhol...


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Hello everyone.

A quick background; I've wanted to learn to play the dhol for years, but have never taken the opportunity to get into it. Maybe procrastination. However, this year, I decided to jump in and buy my first dhol as my best friend is getting married this year, and I thought I'd surprise him by playing at his wedding.

So I went to a shop in Southall, London, UK to buy my first dhol. I'd intended on getting a round dhol (£175), but a straight dhol (£200) took my eye and I bought it! However I was a bit wary, and was hoping to get some help from the experts...

Where the treble head is attached by the hooks, holes were drilled on the barrel, but a mistake had been made and they were refilled and the holes re-drilled. The shop owner assured me that it wouldn't be a problem, but should I consider returning and getting another?

Thanks in advance.


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It should be perfectly fine for a beginner Dhol. I assume you went to JAS Musicals?