ABC Dance Center @ Bhangra City 2019


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Hello All,

Below, you will find our videos from the Junior and Senior categories at Bhangra City 2019 this past summer! We were fortunate to take home two trophies in front of a large and enthusiastic crowd of over 1000 people! Thank you to our brother Harjot from GTV, for catching these memories on camera, as well as Bhangra City's Committee for providing the BIGGEST platform in the west coast for a Bhangra competition! If you are a team that cares about dancing in front of a large and fun crowd, this competition is for you! Although, it was their first year throwing this competition, the committee members involved had years of experience in the Bhangra scene. The show brought back glimpses of Bhangra Idols. Rest In Peace Raj Sangha.

The first video is from our ABC Senior Boys, who took home 1st place! These boys worked hard to raise the level of execution in their Bhangra, but at the same time stayed true to who ABC was, with their distinct style and energy. Some things will never change! We hope you enjoy the hard work put in by our guys, and any feedback is welcome!

Red: Isher Hans & Navtej Hans
Black: Navi Singh & Jaskarn Saini
Blue: Arjun Cheema & Prabh Sandhu
Green: Jeevan Uppal & Sahil Pannu
Yellow: Jaipreet Gill & Josh Sidhu
Purple: Harsimran Singh & Armaan Singh
Dholi: Jagmeet Deol
Chimta: Simranjot Pandher
Mix: DJ Monga

This second video is near and dear to our hearts, as we have been teaching this group of girls for the past 3 years. These little firecrackers have given themselves their own name of the ABC UNICORNS, as they feel like no one in the world is as unique as them! In the video below, they were age 9-11 and competed in the junior category (age 13 and under). You will see some nerves, as it was the first time on a competitive stage for all of them. Regardless, we are so proud of them for bringing home 2nd place, being that they were the youngest team! They later cleaned up their mistakes and took home 1st place in the junior category, about a month later at the Elite Bhangra Competition in Abbotsford, BC. As senior dancers, you sometimes forget to have fun pre competition, as you are so focused. These girls maintained their focus, but also had a blast all weekend, and reminded all of us why Bhangra competitions are so great. You make memories with the ones you love! Remember the name, ABC UNICORNS! Feedback is welcome!

Green: Shahreen Toor & Sanaina Dhaliwal
Red: Jassi Sidhu & Hargun Kaur
Blue: Anaiah Sekhon & Jashmeen Brar
Purple: Nehmat Bhutani & Anhat Bhutani
Pink: Jasmin Bains & Sahajdeep Sandhu
Yellow: Palakinder Sandhu & Sukhtaj Grewal
Dholi: Jagmeet Deol
Mix: DJ Monga

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There is no way that this performance, or the ABC senior boys placed higher than RVD. Someone was paid off for a high rupee amount..