Alamo City Bhangra [Girls] @ BBC 2016


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Great set, clean execution. Energy was mad low, which was definitely the biggest critique.
Put the big fella Deshmesh on stage next time! Would love to see him ball out on stage with a bunch of kudiyan at his helm. Chak De.


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That was a great performance! Good job! Glad to see another powerful all-girls team in the circuit. I really loved that you all dance with such great confidence & joy and that your set was very fun to watch!

Huge props on managing the 10 person set by the way. Those are pretty tough to coordinate and execute, but it seemed to work out well. Only drawback was that with forms, it seemed as if the red jodi was generally the focal point of the routine and the of the formations were centered around them. It's probably tough to create formation mechanisms with 10, but definitely shoot for more variety on which jodis are in the front & center (side note: red jodi absolutely kills it!).

The one thing that seemed to pull your performance down in my eyes was the energy levels - there just seemed to be a dip in energy near the halfway mark of the set. It was also a little apparent with the saap segment where some girls were either not finishing the saap moves or just weren't extending their saaps that much. Energy is probably an easy fix though, so I'm fairly confident that you all should be fine in the near future.

Also would like to add that though the mela ending was great & that it hit, I feel Alamo has been ending with a similar mela segment for the past few years. Would love to see a newer, fresher ending!

Good luck!! Can't wait to see what you all do next!


Recovery from mistakes was kind of weak. You have to put the mistake behind you and move on. An example would be at the end by one of the green girls. I do not know if she was hurt or what the situation was, but it took her a while to recover from her slip. Things like that I felt kind of hurt the performance.

But Red Jodi murked it. Besides them, there was the energy issue, but if that is picked up then the future is looking really bright. Good luck at your future comps!


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Alamo City always bring it. I haven't seen all the videos, but this performance definitely has to be up there. Way to rep the big TX ladies! Quick feedback: Great job with the set. Overall I enjoyed the unique formations, variations of steps, and flow.

As much as I like "hype" mixes, I wish teams (in general) would vary have some variety. Perhaps bring an original song in without the crazy high hats, bass drops, etc. This particular set could use more slower segments, which would do a better job portraying your execution of moves and the grace that you girls bring to the table. You just can't really appreciate that when almost the entire mix is going at roadrunner speed [UTSA reference, get it? ;) ].

Execution & energy of of the Ampal and Ashley (red jori) is definitely quite apparent. I would work on building the rest of team up in their execution of moves, so that everyone does move the same way. If you add slower segments, the small differences will be even more apparent.

Thank for sharing multiple views of your performance so quickly!

Keep up the amazing work ya'll,

~ Basim :)


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First point to be made like said above is that shoutout to y'all for managing a 10 dancer set.

So glad to see Alamo go all girls I don't know if it was due to the lack of guy dancers or what but definitely eager to see more dominant and active girls teams. I don't even know which all girls teams are currently active.

Lots of positives in the set but also lots of things to work on.

hmu if you're looking for critiques!

Eager to see what the team will look like next semester (whether that be Alamo girls or co-ed) y'all always bring strong sets!

Varan Rakhra

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Shorter girl in Red is too folk! Great performance and excited to see what Almo got coming next!


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I think there could have been a hyper drop saap drop around the minute mark, but that's just my opinion. Could've played with a difference in levels (squats vs jumps vs regular height) to amplify a few moves and make the presentation better. The rest was already said


I thought this was a great set!! Most of what I thought has already been said (lack of rotation, energy dropping). I think you could have more interesting formations, the movement didn't stick in my mind as much as choreo (which i LOVED), but there were parts I really liked (loved the saap stomping thing you did towards middle of the segment, jhummar drop) and other small things but you should try to take more risks with formations.

Another small thing, when you have your hands up for punjab/dhamaal etc they are like almost horizontal @ shoulder level and it's diff for every team but i'd set the baseline way higher because it can start to look lazy imo. All that said, execution is there for all these dancers, it just seems like a lack of stamina for some peeps but overall fundamentals are present so take advantage of that!!!! You guys also dance really well as a team.. like nakhra/presence is very "together" if that makes sense and it's super fun to watch :)

Anyway random piece of advice that helped us alot was that when you make a segment, put it away for a day or two and come back to and think about how you can make it even better. If it still doesn't wow you, then maybe there's something you can change up to make it more impactful etc. Something to think about :D excited to see what you guys do in da future wooooooo!


Red jodi was too nice!!! Congrats on a solid first performance as an all girls team. Choreo was powerful! You all seemed to handle going 10 as well as you could. Agree on the energy drop and recovery time! Still a great performance. Looking forward to more from Alamo girls or coed!