America Bhangra Championship (bhangra reality show)


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Or what they could do is cover 3-5 competitions over the year and have their own judging through the viewers to see who they want to see compete as opposed to who the judges declared the winner. Even better would be having a BTF judging section where we as visitors to the site can vote for the team we would like to see in the "next round."

If you take the top 3 teams from 5 different competitions you would have a semi-final of 15 teams. They would be split over the course of 2 separate dates or have them run simultaneously in 2 different cities (previous comp. runners would run it as their own but it would be for ABC..unless they can host themselves which would be unrealistic but hype). Top 6 out of these 15 would be deemed as the finalists and could compete in the last competition to determine the best team.

Just an idea. Obviously no thought put into technicalities such as budgets and stuff but I think that would be the best way to run a concept like this. Neat idea nonetheless, hope it works out.