Anakh-E-Gabroo Bruin 2013 (GTV) 1st Place


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Here is the link for our video from our performance last night at Bruin. I want to thank the Bruin committee for being an amazing host and as always taking really good care of all the teams. So much love for our liaison Munny & his identical twin Sunny. Also special thanks to Sahib, Gaurav, Sally, Aneeta, Andie & Guneet! I will be posting a full review this coming week.

Congrats to Vancity & DRP on the placings as well and all the other teams who came out and performed. Also if you havent already check out Dj Sargam's soundcloud for our mix!!!



Anakh E Gabroo (AEG) @ Bruin Bhangra 2013


Ankush/Sandeep- Red
Anvit(Ladoo)/Arjun- Black
Gagi/Manraj - Orange
Vineet/Aneesh- Green
Mavi/Vishal- Blue
Ash/Askam- Yellow
Richie- Dholi


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This was for sure one of my favorite performances of the year though so creative loved the jatt punjabi part and so many other ones already Idk where 2 begin Priyanka chopra haha that was sick


AEG! WOW, That was unbelievable.

Amazing performance, loved every part. Uncle ji just straight killed it ;) haha, well done guys!

Sue Sylvester

Best part was Mavi's face when his dad is dancing. I haven't seen so much genuine joy and happiness in a dancer in a long time. Simply amazing.


Sue Sylvester said:
Best part was Mavi's face when his dad is dancing. I haven't seen so much genuine joy and happiness in a dancer in a long time. Simply amazing.

+1. It was awesome to see Uncle Ji on stage. He absolutely killed it, and it's a great to see a team incorporate something like that into a performance. It must has been a great experience for Mavi and Gagi to be able to dance with their dad on stage, and top of that, walk away with a first place trophy. That segment alone will make this performance among the most memorable. I loved the laser khunde - thought the segment could have been a little longer, though

Got the mix on repeat 8)

Incredible performance, congrats on a well-deserved first place!


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I think this is by far the best set I've seen from AEG in years. I especially liked that there weren't any extended breaks between segments, and the uncle at the end really made this even more entertaining...of course the lightsaber khunde was nice too.


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Light sabers was so sick.

Mavis dad stole the show. You could tell how hype he was too...

So proud of you guys! What a great season!

Dholi harsh

I wish i was in that crowd to experience the crowd reaction to that ending.... sent shivers down my back at home, i can only imagine what it must've felt like at the venue.

Incredible performance, as always =]


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am i the only one who loved the shikke gimmick? haha, perfect for bruin, perfect for AEG.


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Should've gotten points off for those khunde, they look real fake (no hook!!). Also Kaushal, stop being in front for jhummar all the time, you suck bro.

For real though, that was nasty (and Kaushal you look pretty in black)

So conflicted on this set, it's just very up and down in a lot of ways. I'm watching this in an airport so this is just quick thoughts, not meant to be a real review or anything, just stream of consciousness

Dancing- There are maybe 3-4 really really good dancers, and everyone else is honestly just trying to blend. No one is outright bad (which is good), but when around 50% of your team is trying to blend it just gets noticed how much better the great dancers are and how much more incredible the performance could be. Just look at the jugni chaal (people standing), the jhummar (people executing differently), formation lines not clean at key times. I think execution was just a real minus point, which is weird since I didn't think it was particularly bad, just very disparate from top to bottom.

Set- The set is actually a nice change for AEG. Yes it's got gimmicks, yes it's very hip hop, yes it's very playful but like jasmeet mentioned there was an emphasis on choreo and formations and I really enjoyed that. Priyanka (<3), laser khunde!, uncle- it's all awesome but there are a lot of parts that I felt could be more, where potential was left out.

For example laser khunde, amazing idea, perfectly executed. But to me, after the initial oh cool factor it felt flat until the breakdown. I was hoping to see a double-arm punjab pump, since the non-laser fist would have blocked the light. That would have been technically impressive since the hands would have to move synchronously to maintain the effect of holding the laser with two hands like a khunde. Hard? Absolutely, but that would have placed the segment in my all time list, instead of just being another great idea by AEG (and AEG has had a lot)

Mix- Sargam, that scream is just too much in the middle of the mix hahaha. Mix I thought was shaky after saaps but then found it's stride and really grooved. Some of the sound effects were annoying for me rather than complimentary to the routine, but hey, it's AEG! I'll take a few annoyances if it means I get bop-it sound effects

But none of it matters because really for uncle alone this is a great performance. The perfect song, the chance to see father and son, and the team just enjoying the's the best of bhangra in a nutshell, and all credit to AEG for sharing it with everyone.


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Obviously the laser gimmick was sick, but my new founded respect for AEG comes from bringing out the dad at the end!

Great song selection for the mix.


Am I the only one who got a little teary eyed at the end?

I liked this set better than the last 2 bruin sets. I think mostly due to less dancers. It didn't look as chaotic when you guys changed formations and thus made them look cleaner. The black jodi during jhummar was fantastic. There was alot of sitting/ pausing and the laser khunde were a good idea, but it also came off as cutting corners, stamina wise. I enjoyed the performance as well as the mix. Well done all around and congratulations on 1st place!


whether it was BBC back in 2011 or this performance, AEG has taken the idea of a 'memorable gimmick' to a completely different level and also showed (while they do have a fair share of technical ones) that often the hardest hitting things on stage are the simplest :) kudos for that ending,

got to see parts of this routine at Pao this year and the choreo has improved vastly since then great job on that! SO impressed with that priyanka chopra sketch on the saaps haha who drew/painted that?? definitely some standardization issues with some of the dancers, it seems like several dancers have been on different teams and remnants of those styles show so thats definitely an area to look at for the future but an amazing and memorable performance to say the least, congrats on 1st!

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singhk1 said:
This was for sure one of my favorite performances of the year though so creative loved the jatt punjabi part and so many other ones already Idk where 2 begin Priyanka chopra haha that was sick
Considering your emphasis on live bhangra being the best bhangra, I'd say you make 100% sense.

Anyway, first and foremost this mix was god awful. Bass boosted the f out of the mix up to the point of distortion and then probably adjusted the master track with a limiter. Effects were a cluster fuck and overplayed. Mixer needs to do his hw on eq and mastering and it'll definitely change his mixing for the better.

The set itself was great. Though, there were so many diff style-specific dancers in this set that it became a distraction. Guy with the Dara from Rutgers was totally different from everyone else, so was black Jori (not ladoo). Form during jhummer is definitely diff (lean forward, ass out?). Khunde laser was a sickkkk idea, IMO opinion it was flat. Aside from the initial awe and the judni hold it was a bit of a let down. Especially the last move where you guys awkwardly hold it out way in front of your shoulder...not a fan. You guys could've marked that segment and instead, imo, it fell short of what it could've been. Again you can see diff styles in joris at 6:00. Guys just look messy. IFK if it's a diff in style or if its a huge gap in dancing skill, but whatever it was left a bad taste for the rest of the set.

Heard the guys already know the good. This was definitely a much more controlled set as opposed to previous bruin sets from you guys. Nice change up, and it obviously benefited you guys in the long run. Anyway crazy sets put on by both you and Vancity. It could've gone either way imo, but that last gimmick pulled it through for you guys. Congrats

Sandeep Sahota

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Huge step up from their last year bruin set! One of the better sets in recent memory, creativity was up there . Simpliy said this was a bruin type set that catered well with the audience. Congrats