Attention BTF Screenwriters/Film Enthusiasts - Looking for Sikh-Themed Scripts


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Attention BTF Screenwriters/Film Enthusiasts:

First off, an introduction, since I've been off of these boards for a longtime. My name is Hans Sahni, and I'm an ex-bhangra captain turned film director/producer. I'm a graduate film/TV student in my last semester at Chapman University in Orange County, and I'm here with a proposal to any talented idea guys/girls and screenwriters.

Chapman University hosts an annual Sikh film festival called SikhLens (, and this year some of the organizers behind the festival are giving out a $5000 scholarship to a Chapman student for a narrative short film (about 10-12 pages) that addresses Sikh themes, concerns, or subject matter. The selected project will be produced this year to be screened at the next festival in November, and it will also travel around the world to other events.

I have a couple ideas of my own, but since I don't personally know any screenwriters in the Sikh community, I'm reaching out to see if any of you would like to get involved, or know someone else who does. I'm looking for someone to either take on one of my own ideas to write a screenplay, or to pitch me ideas of their own.

The deadline for submissions is March 1st, so time is short. If anyone out there is interested, please contact me immediately at to discuss this some more.

One last note. This film will produced professionally, with high production values. I'm not talking about 2 kids running around with a camcorder putting their friends in front of the camera. It will be shot with professional actors, an experienced crew of 20-30 people, most likely on 16mm film. That means I'm looking for a professional partner and collaborator who is willing to work hard and meet deadlines.

I can talk to you about my own experience and resume more in-depth after we make first contact.

Hans Sahni