BAB - shout out to Jessie Randhawa - DCBC's liaison


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I just wanted to give a HUGE shout out to Jessie. Jessie did everything we asked him to do, he was always on time to pick us up/drop us off from anywhere and everywhere.

He even offered to drive some of our girls around late at night/early morning on friday to get them food as well as drive some of our other members early saturday morning to pick up some last minute items we needed for our performance.

Truthfully dealing with about 20 girls who are tired may be kind of tough at times, but Jessie was always organzied, always around (if not then he was literally a bbm/phone call away), would always show up with whatever we would ask for, and overall was very calm/well-cooperated with us.

Mostly, I wanted to say thank you so much to the virsa committee for doing such an amazing job with the competition and we look forward to BAB3, and i bet i can speak on behalf of the entire DCBC team in regards to this.




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Mansi summed it up. Jessie and the committee went above and beyond for our team. Thanks so much. Can't wait for BAB3, this competition NEVER disappoints.


Jessie was definitely one of the best liaisons we have had all year. He went out of his way to make sure our team was ready to go to all our events and had transportation. He was always in contact with our team through phone, bbm, text, etc. and went out of his way early Saturday morning to drive us to get last minute props, pins, etc. and made sure that our team was well taken care of. He always offered to take us out to get food or anything else we needed. Definitely a great liaison =)