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Bass and background music questions


New Member

I've been mixing casually for a few years, but I'm now working on leveling up my skills and learning new techniques in order to create mixes at the level that comp teams would use.

I've noticed many mixes have two elements (especially for shikke and end segments) that I'm unsure how to recreate:
1. A "bass line" (idk if there's a better word for this) which is a simple note pattern not part of the original song playing under the segment's vocals and percussion. Are these typically custom made by the DJ, part of a loop pack, or pulled from other songs?

2. An instrumental that is the base or foundation for the segment, made up of things like alghoze and other punjabi instruments. The actual song is sometimes just vocals layered on top of this or at least the background music is de-emphasized significantly (to my ears). Where do people find these instrumental tracks?

Mix example (0:47-1:38) and another example (0:30-1:00) for reference. Would really appreciate any help or general advice on how to get better at mixing!