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Best Pagg Tier On Circuit?


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Hats off to Mankiran. At Boiler he tied all of Buckeyes and MBT's Paghs and they came out crisp.

Howie Magz

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Money from OSU is pretty good (has tied a lot of MBT'S Past paggan)

Vic from SGPD is quick and ties good paghs too (tied mine at BAB 3 didn't feel like I was wearing a pagh and did it in less than 5 min)

Jaggi from AEG (also felt like I wasn't wearing a pagh)

Baljot Gill from AG (nice shape and turla on point) (still waiting for my MBT mix though)

Sunpreet from Furteelay is another honorable mention

Yankee from NSG's paghs are unreal from what I have seen in person and at WBBC. That turla is always on point.


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Manu from Wolverine Bhangra/ PDDS

Not only did he tie a mean pagg, he was willing to teach others how


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Harman Deol - hands down. The man has a gift for inserting turlas into hard to reach places... If you know what I mean ;)


Paramveer Singh Dhillon
Aditya Dewanjee said:
ishaankolluri said:
As a spectator, I find NSG's paghs very visually appealing - the folds are crisp and the turla isn't lopsided or small. I don't know who ties them, though

Yankee is a beast, he tied one of our paghs at notorious and it looked near perfect. Venkat from MOB does a solid job as well

Agreed with Adi Yankee from NSG and MOB's very own Venkat

Yankee Saini

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Didn't know I existed! lol . . . I guess, dhanwaad, Mitro! . . . N' as far as discussion on PAGGS goes, bai "Malkiat" from SIAC(I think) is raw!