Bhangra All Stars Sydney (BASS) @ Championships of Bhangra 2019 (1ST PLACE) and @ Bhangra Fever X (2ND PLACE)


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G'Day guys,

Here are our videos from the Early 2019 season ?.
The BASS Boys embarked on a journey to the East Coast of the United States and performed in TWO competitions on back to back weekends (Bhangra Fever X and Championships of Bhangra).

1st place performance from Championships of Bhangra:

And our 2nd place performance at Bhangra Fever X below:

We'd like to congratulate all the performing teams for their amazing performances at both competitions. It was an honour to share the stage with all of you! A special thanks to Bhangra Fever and Champs committees for putting together superb events and to all the spectators that came out to support our culture.

Finally, a big thank you to all of our family and friends who support us unconditionally. In particular the parents/families that traveled with us - this would not have been possible without each and everyone one of you <3

Red Jodi - Amitoj Singh Thind & Dilniaz "Lalli" Gill
Yellow Jodi - Harkaran Masson & Jasminder Brar
Blue Jodi - Dilraaj Mavi & Manraj Singh
Purple Jodi - Sukhman Mehrok & Divjot Mehrok
Pink Jodi - Armaan Dhaliwal & Tegnoor Singh
Orange Jodi - Tarunbir Brar & Ishaan Jagota
Ferozi Jodi - Ishdeep Mann & Sonu Dhaliwal
Green Jodi - Avneet Bhele & Simran Dhaliwal

Dholi: Gurminder Jandu
MVPs: Manjoyt, Rishi, Karan, Baaj, Jaspinder, Dilkaran, Gurjas and Nishan.
Paggan: Palwinder Singh (ft. Harry Kainth and Raminder Brar) ?❤

Mix: PablaMix <3
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One of the best Bhangra routine I have watched in a long time! Great job guys, I'm sure many North American teams are glad that you guys are so far away loll