Bhangra in the Burgh 13 Placings & Feedback

Bhangra in the Burgh

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The Bhangra in the Burgh 13 Executive Board is excited to announce the official placings from this past weekend!
  • 1st Place: Virginia School of Bhangra Waris
  • 2nd Place: Raakhe Virse De
  • 3rd Place: First Class Bhangra
  • Best Jodi: Jaskirat Vig & Prince Singh [Raakhe Virse De ~ Blue]
  • Best Dancer: Ashley Espinoza [Duniya De Rang]
  • Best Mix: Virginia School of Bhangra Waris
Thank you to the audience and staff that made this event possible, and congratulations to all competing teams for incredible performances! Additional thanks to our judges (Kuntal Shah, Navneet Pandher, Howie Magaro, Jindy Singh, and Vic Sehdev), to Harjot Hundal for his videography, and to DJ Anupya for DJing the afterparty.

We’re always looking to grow as a competition, so please leave any feedback you have. Thanks!


Jaskirat Vig
- Huge props to the board for the boxes the teams received. Def went over the top with all the lanyards, phone cases, customized flasks with the teams names of em :eek: , shirts, snacks etc.
- Lighting cues process was also so nice, I loved how we could narrow em down to the millisecond and had office hours midday Saturday to go over any last minute changes, that shit looked fire on stage
- Hotel being negative 5 seconds from the venue was beautiful
- Mixer was kinda boring but that's just how mixers are these days
- Probably one of the best run Burghs out of the ones that I've been to, keep it up and can't wait to see what the board does next year!


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This review is on behalf of Duniya De Rang. It was our teams first Burgh and over all we had a great weekend! Below are the noteworthy highlights and suggested areas for improvement.


A++ Communication and coordination
Special thanks to Nupur Madeshwari for always being available to answer questions and for going out of her way and to scoop our Vardiyaan from the post office! They did a phenomenal job in making sure we had the practice space we needed for the weekend. She and the rest of board were professional and truly pleasure to work with.

F- Payment platform
Burgh accepted payment through a website called Event Combo which did not work and had an insane amount of fees. It gave us an error screen when we tried to process the payment. So we did it again and it gave us another error screen. Without ever giving us a confirmation, it charged us twice. Thankfully they did refund the first one. However, the platform charged us $80 in fees. Venmo would have saved us a headache and more importantly, money that we were not expecting to spend.


A ++ planning and event execution
The set up and tear down of props at the mixer and items at the venue were speedy and smooth. Those who had to guide us to our next rooms made sure to stop by to inform of us of the plan and kept us up to date on any changes. We always knew where we had to be. You all had an excellent team!

A Mixer
The mixer was Harry Potter theme. Our team appreciated the effort and cute details! The graphics on the screens during that games were nice. The only downside was that as per most mixers is that it started pretty late which delayed from getting to our practice space sooner. Additionally, using a real clicker (like Buckeye Mela uses) would have saved time and been more fair during the games.

A + Comp Swag:
We love that you decided to give Long sleeves this year! The personalized flasks and lanyards were next level decisions! Thank you for adding that special touch.

A + Tech time
No issues. Really dope that this comp accepted updated mixes and changes to lighting cues up till the day of. They also provided us a flash drive with our tech time video and of our actual performance. Very cool.

A + Afterparty

The comp provided an uber code which helped with the cost of transportation. There was a ‘speakeasy’ section of the afterparty which served alcohol and only allowed 21 + inside. It was much less crowded area and great for mingling.

  • Special thanks to our sweet Liaisons Radhika Gupta and Payal Bhatt. We loved how you two were so involved <3
Thanks again Burgh board! You really impressed us. We are excited for the next one!

Duniya De Rang

Prince Singh

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I believe everyone above hit most of the main points. I just wanted to share my appreciation for all of board going above and beyond in making this comp run smoothly. If there were any inconveniences throughout the weekend, the board/liaisons jumped right on it and helped us out. Overall I had an amazing first-time experience at Burgh this year and I can't wait to come back next year to see what improvements/changes you guys make. Keep up the great work!