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Bhangra on the Rocks Competition in Mile High City Denver, CO *REGISTRATION OPEN

On behalf of the Bhangra on the Rocks, we would like to invite all active teams to apply to the very 1st Annual Bhangra on the Rocks Competition held in the Mile High City, Denver, Colorado. The competition will take place on April 15th, 2016! We encourage all teams to apply. More information regarding Judging rubric, and judges will be released shortly!

The registration application is entirely digital and can be found at www.BhangraontheRocks.com The registration application will be due by December 25, 2016 11:59pm MST! Late applications are due by January 5, 2017!

APPLICATION FEE for early registration is $25.00. A LATE FEE of $50.00 will be charged to teams that turn in applications any time after December 25, 2016!

***If there is any inconvenience to teams with the early registration date, please contact us at www.bhangraontherocks.com (Contact Tab). We will extend the deadline for teams which need more time!***

Teams will be competing for over $2,500 in Cash prizes!




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Dope! Exciting to see a comp out in Colorado! I hope the reg fee isn't a typo and indeed $25. Applying for comps has gotten ridiculous these days with $300+ dollars with no refunds Lol. Good luck to the competition! The organizer is the same as sunset bhangra 2015 so if anyone that attended has any experiences they can share, it might help to lend credibility to the competition.
Thanks GSingh! We're excited to bring bhangra to such a great untouched HUGE market that has been dying for a competition for years as well. And the application fee is indeed a non-refundable $25. If accepted, the fee to compete is $40 per team member. And yes, we organized the Sunset Bhangra 2015 competition that was hosted by the Punjabi Association of Tampa Bay. Hope everyone is just as excited as we are, we are planning some great stuff for the event, all with breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains and a really exciting show!


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You mentioned the organizers of Bhangra on the Rocks are the same ones who organized Sunset Bhangra, which was a great comp with one main issue, Virsa:OT never received the first place prize money. We have made numerous attempts to contact the Sunset committee and have failed to get in contact with any authority figure, everyone addresses the prize money question with an excuse. We would appreciate having someone from your team contact us . Thank you.
Hi Akash,
Glad to hear you enjoyed the competition! And I'm sorry to hear about the prize money, we organized Sunset but it was funded by the Punjabi Association of Tampa Bay who should have provided the prize money, in fact they backed out of paying for a lot of the event, which we had to step in and cover at our loss to ensure the event went on successfully. We have since stopped organizing for second parties and cover our own events. We have had a few events since and all have gone as we plan and announce. I will reach out to the Association again and make sure you get your earned prize. I will follow up with you and keep you updated and will work out an arrangement with you ourselves in any case since our name was also on the event. As you had experienced we did everything on our end to ensure a fun event and we continue to do so. Local Associations make it tough for organizers but we have to adapt and grow with what we have. We've learned it's better to do it yourself if you want it done well, and that's what we've done since. We'll stay in touch and you can reach out to us with any concerns at bhangraontherocks@gmail.com