Bhangra team needed in Fremont California

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I need a bhangra team to perform in Fremont on June 5th and 6th. You will be paid $1000 for both nights plus watever tips you make.


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wtf 1000 dollars? why dont we get anyone up here payin us that much

maybe i can get some people to reach there stillllll. u'll like us for sure :)


alot of fremont teams are going to be doing pioneer bhangra that weekend and i doubt their will be any team willing to do that for 1000 bucks i know bk charges 700 a night or so and babc does 8 a night that includes the dholi and singer in there but good luck finding a local team that will do both nights for 1000


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gagankahlon said:
i highly doubt this is a tru post..random new guy?? this being his first post??
makes nearly perfect sense actually.

Person 1: Yo I am having such and such event, how do i get a bhangra team to perform at it? Any advice?

Person 2: I dunno, check the yellow pages and go to the "bhangra section." Also search google for "bhangra team in fremont that wants to perform at my such and such event."

Person 1: That was the worst advice ever. Try again you man.

Person 2: Oh shit nvm, what I meant was make a post on a bhangra website that all the teams are checking. that way someone will see it and maybe agree to perform at ur thing.

Person 1: thanks bro. i love fremont. fremont is awesome. let me go to

Person 2: I agree. You will have to make a username. Just make sure your new username for the website isn't something strange or obvious, like "New Guy." Otherwise people get freaked out cuz they think you're a groupie for some team that is feeling like they are the shit.

Person 1: point noted. I will not do that.

Person 2: Well, you sure effed that one up.

Person 1: Fremont is still awesome. Also, who cares. Sher Foundation said they are sure they can do it. What now. New Guy ftw

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thanx for all ur replies but the spot has been filled.
....srry about the generic name i dont plan on posting again. it was a one time thing.
thank you all once again