Bhangra Theory @ Boston Bhangra 2018


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A huge thank you to the folks at Boston Bhangra for giving us the chance to compete for the very first time! As always, Rohit Bhambi and the rest of the BBC team threw another amazing competition. Congratulations to the placing teams NJFL, ABC, and BU!

Below are our video and mix. Thank you to @MohitoK for putting together a dope mix and to @hardeep_singh for the great videography. We are looking forward to enhancing our set and coming to more comps this season. Critiques and feedback are always welcome.

Red - Naina Sahrawat & Karam Tatla
Yellow - Akshaya Nataraj & Armaan Gupta
Pink - Tushita Srivastav & Kunal Maheshwari
Blue - Akanksha Singh & Nikhil Kasarla
Orange - Sayantanee Das & Akarsh Sharma
Green - Neha Pathmanaban & Mithin Thomas
Dholi: Nihal Singh


Mix made by the one and only DJ MOMO
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