Bhangra World Cup 2020 Competition


@learnbhangranow presents Bhangra World Cup 2020, a fun event to bring the global Bhangra community together. Compete to win $250 USD!

1. Make your Instagram profile public and post your video dancing to @kulwinder Billa 's song "Light Weight" by Oct. 10th.
2. Follow and tag @learnbhangranow in your post.
3. Use the hashtag #BhangraWorldCup in your post.
4. Only solo videos with individual dancers will be considered (no group videos).
5. Must be at least 12+ years old to participate.
6. You can use any videography style or camera, but the video must be shot in one take.
7. Videos must be less than 1 minute.
8. You can use any part of the song, but it must be the original version.

1. @learnbhangranow will re-post all participant videos on Oct. 11th for 24 hours. The top 8 videos that get the most combined likes & views will move on to the next round.
2. Out of the top 8, the final 4 candidates will be selected by @Manpreet Toor and @gobssstopper.
3. The final 4 will upload a video dancing to "Kudi Chandigarh Ni" by @gdeepmusic and be selected by @yourstruly_jsd and Dr. Gurinderbir "Pearl" Chahal of @mnfolkbangra.
4. The top 2 finalists will upload a video dancing to "Moorniye" by @the.landers and the champion will be selected by @babbarsherni and @laveshpritmaniofficial.