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Doubt there will be much of a discussion unless someone here has a financial stake in a major ISP, but this is still important to talk about. We're really just hoping that these larger companies won't act in favor of profit and will act for the benefit of the consumer, which has never truly happened in my mind. No boardroom is ever going to say "Uh oh we're making too much money, let's give some of it back to the consumers!" so I can't imagine a reality where these giants won't take advantage being able to throttle bandwidth/limit information access for smaller contracts in favor of bigger contracts to entice those with money to pay more. There have already been cases within the last year of the FCC allowing ISPs to charge more (I'm happy to provide links for reference).

Let's hope Congress doesn't allow for the repeal; please email and call your representatives to keep Net Neutrality! And straight up fuck Ajit Pai.

Apna desi. So sad.