Boli Pani - DJ B


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Okay, you were always going to have a tough time remixing this. First off, it's a DJ Sanj song, which means it's overproduced to hell and is tough to do much with. It's also a favorite of mine, so I'm going to have to hold you to a higher standard.

The intro's way too busy (from 0:15 or so). The dhad's kinda cool but then you keep adding drums and stuff. The snare hits into the first verse also drown everything out.

The dhol/samba drum in the first verse is kinda cool until you switch to the next drum loop, which feels off. It just feels off, and it makes this kind of hard to dance to. The lead-in to the first chorus is also another example of trying to do too much at once. Instead of doing one of the traditional "get hype for the drop" things, you did a bunch (pitch bends, horns, the michael buffer sound effect, etc). The Punjabi Hurrr sound effect was a clever idea, but came in too early and too hard, and drowned the boli panieh vocal. That handclap is also on the one and three, which feels really off.

I hate those coked out trap drums into the second chorus and the buildup is spoiled by the triple sound effect.

I actually like the concept of layering Punjabi Hurrr with Boli Panieh, but the execution was just pretty unfortunate. It sounded mismatched and it just didn't work the way you did it.


1. Less is more. Pare out almost everything and then pare out more. You're trying to accent the original and make it more musical, not crush it with trap drums and sword slashes.
2. Be more cognizant of what a given song requires. If it's a DJ Sanj joint, you're going to have to spend hours and hours transforming it, if you're looking to go that route. Look at this:
Kohinoor Boys @ Bhangra Idols Explosion-Sunday October 10, 2010
Do you even recognize this as Teray Hussan De Maare? It's really tough to, because the DJ took months to cancel out every beat. That's how tough Sanj's productions are to crack.