Bruin Bhangra @ Bhangra Blowout 2018


Hey BTF!

Here is our video from Bhangra Blowout 2018! I’m truly proud of the team for putting on this performance as a great conclusion to my 4 years on Bruin and a fun comeback from surgery. This was a dream come true: taking a team to Blowout and performing at home in front of my family and friends!

It is bittersweet to have been so tantalizingly close to placing in deliberations, but I would like to congratulate Illini, Virginia Tech and CMU on their great performances. Regardless, our goal was to showcase the essence of West Coast bhangra, all while entertaining the crowd with something memorable.

Big shout-outs to Simran Kang and Aneet Sidhu who did a great job captaining the team all year, as well as Harji Charaia (though we missed him at Blowout) and Vaibhav Thakkar who were instrumental in creating this set, and @vaibhav for being incredibly helpful with our collab on the mix. Shoutout to Jesse for a dope phumaniya segment, choreographed straight from the pind. Thank you all for being patient with #TheProcess and dealing with my nitpicking of the set from the time I rejoined the team. Also thank you to my personal Bhangra consultants, @siddyp , @Cherag and @Ankush , y’all are the best for putting up with me bugging you <3. Also also, our liaisons Aria and Anjali were incredible and so, so helpful. Y’all are part of the Bruin fam!

This was a great learning year for Bruin, with only 5 returners on the team throughout the year, before a couple of us OG’s made a comeback for Blowout. I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with everyone on the team and how quickly they all learned and improved, given that we were essentially on a time crunch all year long, which made this performance all the more incredible- only 2 practices with our full 16 set, and only 1.5 full run throughs pre-comp (someone check up on Harji, he might be having a heart attack lol). The improvement from West Coast to Blowout was absolutely unbelievable and something each and everyone of you should be proud of! Y’all are truly the best and this trip to DC is something I will always remember as one of my favorite memories of college.

PLEASE leave your thoughts, overall impressions, literally anything would be helpful, so we can make sure to incorporate some of your thoughts into building sets in the future!

@Gabroo Tv Video:

Other Video (can hear live audience reaction a little better and higher viewpoint for formations)

Blue: Simran Kang, Sahib Singh, Anisha Patel, Aneet Sidhu
Yellow: Dhruv Patel, Sager Singh, Millie Savalia, Nimrat Brar
Green: Dawinder Singh, Sonul Gupta, Manisha Chase, Baljinder Dheri
Red: Guransh Singh, Jesse Nijjar, Saira Purewal, Sukhi Jhaj
Hype Crew: Vaibhav Thakkar, Gagan Grewal, Parminder Singh, TJ Singh
Dholi: @ramv88

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Howie Magz

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Thoroughly enjoyed y'all set the most and I scored the highest for you guys on pure sheer entertainment value and choreography. Really loved the intro with the whole LA theme and it looked so badass watching this live. The Chaar din segment was enjoyable to watch especially and you had great ideas in the formational aspect of your khunday (picking people up in the circle). Also liked the end of the set when you brought back the LA theme. Now onto the negatives. I understand the frustration of being so close to placing and not placing with this set at Blowout, but at the end of the day no matter how good your set is, you need to execute 1-16. As the set went on, you guys began to die out and smiles began to drop. The biggest indication of someone dying out on stage is how high you pick up your legs. That is a easy give away. You need to teach your dancers to lift their legs no matter how tired they are. You can look like you are going full 100% when you may only exert 70% of your energy simply by lifting your legs and arms. Constant reminders on stage such as talking to each other (yes actually talking to each other) to hype each other up help fix these things alongside the stamina practice as well within practice. A lot if not all of execution problems are always attributed to stamina and lack of muscle memory. If you pick up your legs a lot during practice it will translate to you naturally picking up your legs on stage. If you look to the Blowout rubric the other half consists of execution and those were the points that you lacked in. At the end of the day we are dancing bhangra and if we cannot execute basic bhangra fundamentals than its difficult to justify a placing. Other things that can be fixed are the formations. You guys need to teach your team how to use each other as reference points. At one point in your first bhangra segment when you made the V formation, I could always see a couple people outside of that formation which made me question what formation was really being made. That is just plain sloppy and easily fixable. Overall great job Bruin on the set creation and design as it was very entertaining and perfect for a modern type rubric or a competition, but when majority of the rubrics are based off of a split on half execution and half choreograph or a folk esque rubric that is majority execution you may have a hard time placing due to the lack of execution from your dancers.


Tough times never last, but tough people do.
hype set Bruin! Ya'll went for it and absolutely love that.
2 big points as to why i think this didn't place:

Cleanliness - too many times dancers aren't finishing steps, missing steps, balance issues, being off with footwork etc. On this rubric, it was too much to overcome.

Choreo flow and design - I love the risk and it was super entertaining. But at times, it got to be too much where flow was compromised. sometimes I would have liked for you to scale back on the complexity. Elsewhere, formation planning had the dancers missing choreo or being late etc. which led to the cleanliness issues.

More details per segment as i watched on first look. Lets get into it:

- LA intro w red carpet. SICK. great touch on the intro
- cali vibe to start. hype. loving the intro dancing. team could pretty much handle it (thank you for not going too fast for your team)
- into stomps kinda eh. want it to be cooler of change formation to make it better
- pause thing a bit KPGD esque. didn't add to the segment
- drop choreo was sick, but you killed the flow and power with the stuff on beat 7 8 into baitke. too much change.

- exit out of saaps was sick. loved the inversion of the formation
- makhini stuff kinda weak from blue. they in front. they gotta wreck it.
- drop into jugni out of no where. execution of it wasn't good. and into khunde chaal was the same

- sick formation of the moving diamond
- slick stuff for those 4 beats with girls in baitke and guys doing the spin thing
- cmu jumps?
- that spin shit and toss was so sick, but execution and green dropping took away big time

- nice movement to start dhamaal
- flow of choreo towards end of segment not too hot
- need to spread V to let the team actually hit the choreo
- didn't KILL the drop even though choreo was dope. i'd blame the V formation leading to dancers being off

- nice with the drop offs in jhoomer. ppl not balancing took away.
- sick with the pickup
- red guy early on the covering of eyes
- guitar stuff SICK. you guys sold it hard
- nice with the budha jhumar jumps

- phumania kinda cray. coulda been a TAD simpler
- HAHA with the birds.
- yesssss hand kabootar thing. you guys are killing same time
- trying to do too much with the choreo before the drop. gotta make sure it flows
- green girl is highlight. she didn't kill that drop.

- not really lifting legs that good on dhamaal
- nice with the girls dip
- wanted the shimmes to be more on point.
- blue needs to interact with audience while going across the front

- ending kinda flat bc of execution and energy differences.

- wanted more than just luddi going off.


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Really enjoyed the set it's a kind of set I don't think I've seen enough of on the circuit lately. Lots of shifts to very folk, stop and go, and a bunch of teams are losing their identities as everyone strives to be SPD-like. Not saying SPD isn't dope, but most teams don't have the execution to be SPD and thus just look like SPD knock offs. But y'all embraced Cali and it oozes the west coast.
The mix was sexy as fuck mixing in so many iconic rap songs that got me vibing with everything. The choreo overall was also a lot swaggier than most teams. Very smooth very mellow and the mixed helped amplify that hella. As a huge rap fan ya had me smiling throughout your jhoomer with all the Rihanna/DJ Khaled shit, so damn smooth. However I wish y'all didn't do a lot of the pause stuff in the middle of, didn't quite match the vibe of the rest of the segment. Overall, y'all embraced that Cali vibe and really created a distinct identity on stage that really separated you from the rest of the teams on that stage.
That being said ya gotta get through the set. Y'all def would have placed had it not been for the dropping legs, dropping facials, and dropping energy. Before comps ya gotta prep harder whether it be doing 2 FARTs at practice, start doing full out segment run-throughs a few weeks earlier. Ya put all that time into prepping, not much of an excuse to not also prep your bodies.
Other random stuff I liked from the set.
  • the kabootr stuff was cute
  • the @guranshsingh show in the middle of jhoomer
  • the opening with the chronic
  • the seamless transition between saaps and khunde
  • the chill ass khunda intro
  • the guitar thing hahaha
Random stuff I wasn't really a fan of
  • Not really sure what to call it but whatever happened at 1:34, it just broke the nice momentum you had in the segment
  • just a bunch of random formational errors, gotta dress down to each other better
  • if you're gonna hit a chicken drop, y'all better hit it. It fell flat because you didn't go in
Y'all had a dope and unique set and I can't wait to see more of this next year! If ya got any questions on anything I said hit me up