Bruin Bhangra XX Official Lineup

Bruin Bhangra

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The Bruin Bhangra Committee would like to thank all of the teams that applied to Bruin Bhangra XX. There was a huge number of extraordinary teams that applied this year, making the decision making process particularly difficult.

We are proud to announce the BRUIN BHANGRA XX LINE-UP!

Not your average competition, so please dress accordingly.

Music Production by Klasikhz
Visual Branding/ Video by Manni Mouse Studios

Bhangra Knightz (Sacramento, CA)

Cal Bhangra (Berkeley, CA)

Da Real Punjabiz (San Diego, CA)

FAUJ (Boston, MA)

First Class Bhangra (Pittsburgh, PA)

Royal Girls (Bay Area, CA)

Shaan Punjab Dee (Toronto, CA)

VanCity Bhangra (Vancouver, CA)

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