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BTF Judging Directory


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So we're trying to create a public BTF database as a public resource for comps to easily find judges. The way we're trying to achieving that is getting everyone to fill out this form and put all this information on a giant public directory for everyone to see.
  • Process
    • What'll happen is, you fill out this form and then we're going to send you a google excel doc titled "[Insert Your Name Here]" that has all this information you filled out. This document is only shared with you and ONLY YOU can edit. Whenever you edit that document we send you, it'll automatically update the judging directory linked here:
  • Example Registration Format
The whole process takes 10-30 minutes depending on how many experiences you have. We know this can be a long process, but you only gotta do it once rather than filling out every judging application over and over again. Also, please give us some time for us to send your personal google sheet since we do have to manually do it. Thank you so much for being apart of this project and helping progress the circuit!

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