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BTF Mixing Ladder Season 4: One More Week

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Whats up DJ's,

Last week we had a single mix submitted (shoutout to a minhas productions for that)! As the school year starts it's definitely time to start wrapping things up, so we will make this next week the final one.

This past week, we were planning on teaming up with @Klasikhz for song suggestions and mix critiques, but since y'all were not able to get challenges/mixes in, we'll assign the remaining suggested songs to whoever is up for the challenge! This is a great opportunity to get feedback from a veteran DJ who has been active for over 10 years.

Stay tuned for the final prize announcement!

Here are the results from the last round, Week 7:
Suave Sahib beat RSD [auto-forfeit; no response to callout]
DJ Chet beat Amundeep [auto-forfeit; no response to callout]
DJ Juggy beat Saiborg [auto-forfeit; no response to callout]
DJ ManDown beat Venk1 [auto-forfeit; no response to callout]
DJ MOMO beat DJ Vig
SahotaProductions beat MSB
a Minhas productions beat DJ Monga

Here are the updated rankings:

2 Suave Sahib
3 DJ Vig
4 Double A
6 paaji
7 DJ Juggy
8 Saiborg
9 DJ Chet
10 Amundeep
11 DJ ManDown
12 Mogul
13 Sahota Productions
14 Venk1
15 Ns_moose
16 MSB
17 a minhas productions
18 s.h
19 DJ Monga
20 DJ M

**Please note that the callouts will begin TODAY in THIS THREAD. You have until 11:59 pm Sunday (9/23) to call out/accept your next challenge**

Pending Challenges:

SahotaProductions (15) challenges Amundeep (12)

Confirmed Challenges:

DoubleA (4) challenges DJ MOMO (1)
Dj Juggy challenges RSD
a minhas productions challenges NS MOOSE
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