BTF Mixing Ladder- Week 1 Wrapup and feedback

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Hey BTF,

Wanted to congratulate everyone on a successful first week of challenges and mixes. We got some great music and....we got some gunshots. Challenges generally had around 40 votes, and I consider that a lot right now. Expect that number to dip a bit as the novelty wears down, but as long as some members take the time to really post their ideas and comment we're doing something worthwhile.

*Remember, if you don't meet the threshold for posts, just keep posting. Your votes count towards the post total, so after a week or two of voting your post total will probably be high enough. We'll also potentially use low-threshold votes in case of a tie so keep voting no matter what!*

What we learned this week is we need help. Nimish and Jaideep are busy (I was in india for 10 days) and Navi just had issues and had to bounce. Saleem and I are going to do what we can to help organize it better. That means:
  • creating a separate board for the mixes so they dont' clutter the main mix board
  • making the ladder moderator's btf moderators of the ladder board so they can edit each other's posts and modify posts that reveal DJ information
  • work on automating the soundcloud embed function (right now it's manual, which is a pain)
  • bring in more people to help
That last bullet is key. We need more bodies, at least 1-2 more will greatly reduce the effort involved. Took me an hour to tabulate results for each challenge and post. Having 4 people working on this means only 15 min per person, that's entirely reasonable. If you're interested, shoot me a PM or email. Please only respond if you're serious, there's about 2 hours of work for each week of challenges. Most of it is following up with DJs and making sure they accept/submit. Then scrubbing the files of info and posting to soundcloud and then posting to BTF. It's really not that bad, but 2 people handling 10 challenges is just time-consuming. If you're good about emails then it's pretty easy, and you're not alone the idea is to share the workload not just dump it off.

So moving forward here's the plan:
  • add ladder moderator's to reduce effort increase efficiency
  • move the ladder to a child board to reduce clutter
  • clarify the challenges by numbering (week 1- challenge 2- 18. dj x vs 19. dj z)
  • automate soundcloud integration in case moderator forgets
  • introduce weekly wrapups (like sportscenter-style roundup of the matches with some humorous notes)
Week 2 will likely start next week to give us time to get some of the stuff in place. Sit tight, and big thanks to the mixers and the voters!


Everyone thank Saleem for moving the boards, it's now in a separate child-board for clarity!


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a full breakdown of the results are here, with the names of the original DJs as well.

25. MinhasA (DJ 1) vs 22. Dj Notorious (DJ 2) - 0 to 21, respectively. Notorious wins.

9. Prodigy (DJ 2) vs. 8. Sunpreet (DJ 1) - 19 to 18, respectively. an extremely close battle (and my favorite of the first week); Prodigy wins.

27. DJ Money (DJ 1) vs. 24. Shreyman (DJ 2) - 13 to 20, respectively. despite mixed reviews of both entries, Shreyman wins rather comfortably.

14. DJ Aka$h (DJ 1?) vs. DJ Concept (DJ 2?) - 26 to 8. i believe DJ 1 is Aka$h, who takes it rather comfortably.

10. DJ Preet (DJ 2) vs. NsD (DJ 1) - 28 to 7; Preet wins with a wide margin. perhaps NsD shouldn't have mixed the intro talking segment.

25. sK (DJ 2) vs. SSK Productions (DJ 1) - 24 to 11; sK came back from behind to take it! good work.

30. DJ DHoLa (DJ 2) vs. 28. Mohan Singh (DJ 1) - 0 to 25. Mohan Singh cleansweeps. an interesting development, to say the least.

16. Himynameis (DJ 1) vs. 13. Karan Deol (DJ 2) - 31 to 1. Jabar in lone support of Karan. vastly different mixing styles. this challenge indicates well what BTF's general preferences are.

BTFers, please, leave your feedback on the challenges here! are there any results that surprised you? what challenges would you like to see next week?

the challenge thread is opening soon.


Don't let the name fool you.
Thanks for the all work thus far guys.

I would like to see more challenges in a given week and hopefully more activity (and movement!) in the top 10 of the ladder.


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I would recommend the initial topic for the challenges also moved to this sub-section of BTF:**btf-official-mixing-ladder**/

Thanks for the summary of Week 1 vox.

Overall great job to the ladder organizers even though I know some put in more effort than others (and it showed). Would like to see other BTF members step up to the plate for help.

I've offered to help with BTF projects several times, but at the moment I don't have as much free time, so I'll just do what I can and post some feedback for the mixers.

Would like to see more challenges take place (especially amongst the top of the ladder - as footballforlife mentioned). There are a lot of people on the ladder that I haven't hear mix as much so I would love to see what they can throw together (it may surprise us).

Great job to the mixers who really made an effort to showcase their talent in the 1st week of challenges.

~ Basim :)

Navi Dhaliwal

Had to drop because of my finals, but since those are now over if any of you guys need help or anything just throw me a phm cause i'm free for the next 2 months


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Swi said:
Everyone thank Saleem for moving the boards, it's now in a separate child-board for clarity!
I have literally done the least of anyone in this initiative so please dont. Thank Swi and mixing ladder team. Swi, I'm off into the test forum to set up the soundcloud stuff for you
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