BTF Mixing Ladder- Week 7 Wrapup

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A second season of the BTF ladder has flown by, and now we've reached the end. We've gone from highs to lows, and even mids. We've seen more gunshots, hoiiiis and hip hop samples than you can count. Our mixers have sampled Mac Dre, Marilyn Manson, Malkit Singh and everything in between.

Without further ado, here are your results for the week.

24. The Kid S vs. 23. MinhasA. The Kid S wins.
25. DJ Sargam vs 22. JsM. JsM wins.
15. NKrishnan vs. 12. SSK Productions. SSK wins.
9. KaranDeol vs. 7. NsD. NsD wins.

13. Mohan Singh vs. 10. sK. In an extremely tight challenge, the 6-5 vote was decided by Basim, who praised DJ 1 for "thinking outside the box." The winner of this close challenge is Mohan Singh, meaning that Mohan has moved up nine places in three rounds. Talk about a rising star...
2. DJ Preet vs. DJ Ra. In a close battle, DJ 2 eked out a lead and held onto it, as "neither DJ took the easy way out" with their mixes. The winner of this challenge, and your BTF Mixing Ladder Season 2 Champion, is DJ Preet.

As a result, your rankings look like this.

1. DJ Preet (up from 2)
2. DJ Ra (down from 1)
3. Swizzee (up from 4)
4. Sangeen (down from 3)
5. GSingh
6. DJ Aka$h
7. NsD (won on forfeit)
8. DJ Jassi
9. Karan Deol
10. Mohan Singh (up from 13)
11. DJ Concept
12. SSK Productions (won on forfeit)
13. sK (down from 10)
14. DJ Lakha
15. NKrishnan
16. G-Tam
17. Prodigy
18. First Class Beats
19. Shreyman
20. Kaurageous
21. Saab
22. JsM (won on forfeit)
23. The Kid S (up from 24 on forfeit)
24. MinhasA (down from 23 on forfeit)
25. DJ Sargam (forfeited)
26. NiraliS
27. AJ
28. DJ Purp
29. AKT Productions
30. DJ ASJ (won on forfeit)
31. DJ DhoLa
32. GaganDholi (down from 30 on forfeit)

Thanks to all of the DJs who participated and to all of the voters out there for your critiques. An extra special thanks needs to go out to my co-moderators, Voxanimus, Mithu, HdBrar, DamanSingh and Basim. Without your hard work, this couldn't be possible.

This is Jfried signing off. See you all in the new year for Season 3.


I had a great time working with all of the DJs, and of course, Jake, Harbind, Mithu and Nimish. A huge thanks to Swi and Basim for all the help in organizing the ladder and keeping it going, and also the voters who contributed so much with feedback and song suggestions.

Over the past 7 weeks, this ladder has produced some of the best mixes I've heard, from some of the best mixers in the circuit. Congrats to Preet for winning the ladder, and to all of the participating DJs for doing an incredible job.

Looking forward to the next ladder and future projects.



S/O to all the moderators that made this happen. Really enjoyed the challenges you guys threw at us, and it was a big learning experience. Also, a HUGE s/o to everyone who actually gave feedback along with their vote, esp Basim. Even a sentence or two goes a long way. It literally is the difference between a DJ giving up or getting better, between just a dope mix or something legendary.


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I can't thank these mixing mods enough for stepping up & contributing over the ENTIRE summer: Jake, Daman, Harbind, Mithu and Nimish. All the DJ's involved should pay their respect to these guys because there is A SHITLOAD that happens "behind the scenes" every week to make this possible. Not everything runs as smoothly as it may seem and without these guys taking time of their busy schedules to be responsible for your challenges, none of the mixing ladder would be possible.

Swi helped out big time to get everything organized and started off on the right foot. And then of course I often had to play "drill sergeant" to make sure things were happening when they should ;) Sorry for being annoying guys, haha.

I also just wanted to quickly give a HUGEEEE THANKS to ALL the DJ's that got involved with the BTF Mixing Ladder and stuck with it. Without you guys signing up and participating weekly (by mixing, voting, giving feedback to others, etc), we would not be able to have this type of friendly & fun DJ "competition" on BTF. As Daman stated above, we heard some super creative mixes and it allowed many of you to push your DJ mixing abilities to a new level. I hope if you guys enjoyed it and are willing to participate when we decide to run Season 3 over the summer next year.

Having said that, if any of guys have any constructive criticism on how "Season 2" on the mixing ladder went, please don't hesitate to provide it.

We would love to hear feedback on:
  • What did you like & didn't like overall?
  • What we can improve on to make it a better experience for you?
  • Which challenges were the most & least fun for you?
  • Was there enough time for you to mix or was it too short of time? Don't answer this if you were a slacker :p lol.
  • Who was your favorite opponent and why?
  • Was the 1 minute time limit on mixes good for you or did you want more/less time?
  • Were the small weekly prizes we had toward the end a good idea or you didn't care for them?
Just to recap, here is where everyone started at:**btf-official-mixing-ladder**/

Major respect to these DJ's for making huge strides to move up in ranks over the course of several months:
  • First Class Beats -> Rank 31 to 18!
  • Mohan Singh -> Rank 28 to 10! WOW!
  • DJ nkrishnan -> Rank 26 to 15!
  • DJ Preet -> Rank 10 to 1! OUR CHAMPION!!
And of course respect to the guys in the top 10 who didn't necessarily move up & down drastically, but defended their positions by constantly winning challenges.

Lastly, a little shout out to the radio DJ guys of Bhangra Empire & Trisha Arora for working with me to make the weekly prizes possible. It was an absolute pleasure. I hope we can continue our relationship into next season of the mixing ladder.

Much love,

~ Basim :)
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