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What’s going on BTF?? Teg, Gurekmann, Keshav, Basim, and I are proud to announce that by popular demand, the mixing ladder has been revived once again for this summer! We’re eager to have fresh new DJ’s step up to the competition and test their skills with music.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, the BTF Mixing ladder is a competition where established and rising bhangra mixers face off in a variety of head-to-head challenges, with the BTF audience deciding who prevails. Each participant is randomly assigned a ranking on this ladder, which they must defend each week in a mixing challenge against another mixer. Each mixer should try and produce the best possible mix they can for the song given, and both mixers will have their mixes rated and voted on to determine the winner of the challenge.

The main purpose is to defend your current rank AND excel up in higher ranks at the same time. Once you join the ladder you will have to work your way up to the top by successfully winning the challenges you take part in. Some weeks you may be defending your position, while others you may be competing for a higher spot.

Voting is done by commenting under challenge-specific threads each week. In order to vote, a user must have at least 10 total posts on BTF under their account.

This is a great opportunity for new DJs to receive a variety of feedback on their mixing styles and learn from the mixers they compete against.

Interested?? Sign up below!! Open to the FIRST 30 DJ's!!


The timeline will look much like this (and repeat every 2 weeks):

Week 1
Monday: Songs are sent out to each mixer in a challenge.
Sunday: Mixers have until Sunday to submit their mix.

Week 2
Monday - Thursday: BTF audience votes for mixers.
Friday: Updated rankings are released in the evening.

DJs will have from Friday (starting at 12:00 AM) to Sunday noon to call out other DJs.

After the ladder runs for a few months through this summer, we will have a good sense of who BTF’s top bhangra mixers are ;). More details and official rules to be posted soon!

Questions or suggestions??
PM one of the Mixing Ladder mods.

Keshav Mantha (@kman58)
Teg Hans (@TegHans)
Gurekmann Gill (@Gurekmann Gill)
Jasnoor Singh (@Jasnoor98)

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So for this ladder how and what songs are going to be decided and like is it open ended for each mix or are we going to have a folder of stems we have to work with?


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So for this ladder how and what songs are going to be decided and like is it open ended for each mix or are we going to have a folder of stems we have to work with?
The process works as voxanimus described. The mixing mods may decide upon a specific "theme" for the week - so in that case, the songs that the mixing mods assign to the DJs will be based on that theme & the DJ's are expected to mix based on keeping in-line with the week's theme.

Should be fun! Spread the word if you know anyone else that may be interested!!

~ Basim :)
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