BU Bhangra @ Boston Bhangra 2018 (3rd Place)


Hey everyone,

First things first we would like to congratulate Nachdi Jawani Folk Loverz (NJFL), Apna Bhangra Crew (ABC), and all the other competitive and non-competitive teams on their dope performances. We would like to thank the BBC committee for being so accommodating and throwing a great competition. We would like to thank our BUB family and alumni for being a constant pillar of support and inspiration.

Underneath, we have posted our performance from Boston Bhangra 2018 (shoutout to Hardeep for taking the time to shoot, render, and post all the team videos!). We would love to hear your feedback!

Balcony View:

Front View:


Again, we would like to thank everyone for a truly memorable experience.



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Really dope set in terms of creativity, could def see the FAUJ esque choreo in there, and really fun to watch. Pretty much all the dancers brought their own josh and really brought the heat which was dope.

One thing though, jhoomer had me a little sad. I guess its just a stylistic thing but no one had modhe going at all during jhoomer, which is the one spot where you can hit modhe super hard. That combined with some not picking up legs here and there were two big things that stood out, but if yall keep the same team and just work on cleaning everything up, the chemistry is there for yall to do super well.


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There is something really cool about watching a team in their hometown, the dancers are hype, the crowd is hype. I think the fact that a majority of the male dancers were FAUJ dancers raised my expectations-and I think the above comments were partly based on the assumption that this set was performed by just collegiate dancers. The choreo was creative and unique as always and the formations were relatively complex. Execution as a team I think could be improved, I expected the level of cleanliness that FAUJ is well known for, and I don't think it met that expectation. Saaps was clean but I didn't find it particularly explosive (that's a personal preference though) and most notably, I felt that the two segments after khunde fell flat. The formation execution was sloppy (people missed lines, and diagonals-ppl didnt get too spots fast enough) and energy dipped, it came back relatively after jhoomer. I agree with the lack of modhe in jhoomer, it was the same with Khunde chaal.