BUB @ NDC 2020


First competition weekend in the books. With a squad of new and returning members, it’s always interesting to see what the first performance will bring. After this weekend, it’s clear that what we brought was BUB.⁣⁣
With that being said, we would like to thank Jesse Mangat for stepping in last minute and coming out of retirement to dance with us. It’s not every day we meet people that are dedicated to their craft and being a great human being alongside it. Although we only met for a weekend, we are glad to call you family. ⁣⁣
#PickaRam #Koka #Kinobody #2Squats #Fever7 ⁣⁣
SHOUTOUT TO TONY BHANGRA DRESSES FOR THE BEST VARDHIYAN OF THE WEEKEND⁣⁣. Tony is literally the man. Got our vardhiyan in two weeks before the deadline.
First off, thank you to Naach Di Cleveland for another great competition weekend. Next, shoutout to our west coast fam Farishtey for locking it down with their dope set (and dope vardhiyan ?). Also, congrats to Duniya De Rang and CMU for their placings. ⁣⁣
To the rest of the teams, it was an honor to share the stage with all of you. We made so many new friends this weekend and we are so excited to see y’all at future comps. ⁣⁣
Finally, we would like to thank Sid Pandit, Sahab Grover, Kuntal Shah, Simran Lalli, and Eshann Toteja for taking the time to provide us with constructive feedback on the set. It's truly inspiring to receive quality analysis knowing that this set has pushed our style to different degrees of the spectrum. ⁣⁣
With that being said, we would love for you to check out our full video and let us know your thoughts!

Thanks Everyone!