Buckeye Bhangra @ Blowout 23


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Hey everyone,

This is our performance from Blowout in April. A few thank yous and shoutouts:

-First one goes out to Blowout. Amazing comp, amazing time (except for tech time ;) ), and amazing atmosphere and liaisons. Couldn't be happier.
-Second goes out to DJ Jassi, Prodigy, and Sunlite for the mix.
-Third goes out to the judges. Although we didn't place and I personally might disagree with where we were ranked (approx 6th), but you guys were very clear and upfront with us and gave us great critiques about how to make our set more impactful that we can definitely take with us into the future. I want to give a special shoutout to Sid Pandit for sending us a video of him talking over our performance video. It really gave me a great deal of information and I was happy to see that he wanted to do the best job possible as a judge (not that the other judges didn't. Cherag, Ankush, and Ashita were all great as well).
-Last but not least goes out to my team. Amazing season ad thank you for letting me take on a leadership role this year. Although it was trying and sometimes frustrating (aka after we were butthole at Nashville), I am incredibly proud of this performance at Blowout and all of you should be as well.

Leave a comment about what you thought of the video! We want to hear from the community and BTF is the best way to do that so please leave a message positive or negative. As for the performance, we did stress a lot on choreography which was maybe more technical and less hype. Our song choice for tambourines was also a point of contention. We chose Rambo as the second song to try and give as much contrast between a soft and hard hitting tambourine segment. In hindsight....not the best idea but it happens.

Tl;DR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4_KGI9BBKY

Red - Karam Tatla & Sheena Kothari
Black - Nimit Desai & Priyanka Ram
Purple - Money Singh & Chandni Shah
Yellow - Harshil Patel & Susmitha Varghese
Blue - Eric Singh & Manisha Nezhad
Ferozi - Akash Patel & Payal Patel


Watching you guys go from Burgh (which had serious shortcomings but was a hell of a debut for the year) to Nashville made it a little uncertain I think whether the show you guys put on at burgh was a one-off, but it seems like you made some good changes and picked it up for Blowout. I liked the change in the sapps songs, refreshed the choreo a little. The first tambourine song did sound out of place even just musically, but following up with Rambo helped. Light to hard hitting isn't a bad idea, but another song might have made it come together better. Your transitions overall are smoother and better integrated (except for the bit before sanu bhulgi seeming abrupt to me, just kind of tacked on but the rest of jhummar is hot). Khunde seg looked more creative/cleaner here than past performances. When the girls broke through during Repeat at the end, I personally thought they just looked so beat, and if everyone else is going to the sides of the stage and they're front and center, they should have been going a lot harder.

Highly enjoyable overall, and your dancers have improved a lot, but I don't think there was anything that completely blew me away - except for maybe your red jodi, they're both consistently a cut above at all your performances this year. Guy is graceful and so much damn fun to watch, and girl is a freaking energizer bunny.

Congrats on your season!


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Buckeye Bhangra is one of my fav. teams since Burgh(one of my favourite performances). Enjoyed this set as well! Love the song selection personally.

I think the main thing you guys need to work on is selling choreo and nakhra. At burgh, this area was MUCH better whereas the choreo and formatins at blowout were. Im not sure whether the choreo was too hard but with the dancers that are on the team, this is something that will take you to the next level. There were flashes of stage presence (red guy jhummar and blue guy mela/shikka) but not enough. I want to say again, this set was still really sick and enjoyable so the 6th place sounds a bit low to me as well. Congrats on a wonderful season.

Im looking forward to seeing you guys live at blowout hopefully when I move to the states!

If you want a more detailed critique, message or email me. Cheers!


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Nice job!
+ Black Guy at 2:06 = captivating
+ Love the two Daffli segments
+ I suggest everyone jump with their legs apart (girls should jump like the guys do) at 3:40 and in general. Just think it looks stronger.
+ Love the two different Jhummar segments (I noticed you played the same two types of songs off each other again but I don't even mind)
+ Dope mix in terms of remixes, but the quality sounds bad (unless that was venue's fault)
+ Fantastic energy. Lots of nakhra from almost everyone (except Red Guy, which sucks especially because of next bullet)
+ Red Guy, amazing dancer. Love how you add your own little something extra while still staying clean and with your team
+ Yellow Girl sick nakhra in Dhamaal
+ Good set with good dancing. Try adding more effects. There are a lot of parts where you're just dancing in spot (which is fine! I can appreciate that too!) and you could be doing subtle little effects of people doing different things that would make it less flat
+ Cool ending with the flags! I'm surprised no ones has done that before (or maybe they have) but I think you did it nicely


Havnt read previous comments.

Good intro sher, hate when teams do a sher with broken ass punjabi. Its evident that you guys made an effort to make choreo creative, so nice work with that, however formations were weak. Put an effort to make formations more captivating. Overall above average college routine.

Purple sardars nakhra during dhamaal segment made me smile.

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Better job this year overall Buckeye Bhangra. I think the new Vardiyans are a nice addition and the set and dancing overall had stepped it up so good job Nimit, Akash, and gang! I think you guys know what positives you guys have already in your set and I rather go into what I think could of been better. I think the formations could of definitely been better and was the weakest thing abot the set. If formations were better it would of sold the intricacy of your choreography. Choreo overall was good, but energy dipped for the girls at certain points and I wasn't the hugest fan of the gimmick at the end. The duffalis gimmick has been done too in the past I would say if y'all did the duffalis you need to elevate it to the next level. I agree with Mariam on that this set needs more effects as well, but that maybe just me. I'm a sucker for those. Congrats on a good year again guys and forever Go Blue ;)