Cal Bhangra @ Bhangra Blowout [1st Place]


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Here's Cal Bhangra's performance at Blowout this year! It was a pleasure being captains of Cal and having the opportunity to take the team in a new stylistic direction while trying to live up to the dancing excellence of past iterations of our team. We are so proud of the dedication from all of our dancers, and we can't wait to see what this team brings in the future!

Thank you to Mukta, the Bhangra Blowout committee, and our wonderful liasons for being so welcoming and accommodating. Definitely made the trip out to the East Coast worth it. Congratulations to UNC and Buckeye for your placings, you're both fantastic teams with innovative sets all season.

A huge shout out to Amit and Hardeep for the fantastic mix as usual. We definitely recommend teams looking for highly professional and communicative mixers to reach out to them for next season.

Lastly, thank you to all the UVA dancers who helped us with our ending gimmick, it was great getting to know you all and sharing the stage with you.

Enjoy, and see everyone at Bruin!
Mohit and Meha

Red - Meha Bakshi, Mohit Kohli
Ferozi - Noor Chadha, Harsha Honasage
Black - Anushka Pushpala, Nikhilesh Vegesna
Blue - Amrita Patil, Ashish Chatterjee
Yellow - Sadhvi Mathur, Param Panesar
Green - Harkiren Kaur Everest, Kavan Sikand
Bruin (Green) - Manali Sontakke, Naveen Ambati
Bulldog (Yellow)- Neha Pathmanaban, Prajeeth Koyada
DRP (Black) - Riya Jadeja, Gurdeep Singh

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Howie Magz

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Cal has the best collegiate dancers in the circuit. The form of the team is impeccable and the dancers all dance like each other. In terms of style and form, Cal is the best out of all the collegiate teams. Please keep this up moving forward because I love the way you guys dance. Very successful season thus far from my eyes. My biggest thing with Cal tho is that the level of choreo could be more exciting. Like the choreography is good from a collegiate stand point, but it doesnt awe me like "woah that was something new." You guys obviously have the dancing talent so why not make some next level Choreo? I am also not the biggest fan of your mix, but that is a personal preference haha. Once again congratulations on Blowout. Meha and Mohit my hats off to you two because you guys are doing a wonderful job with this team. Just spice up the choreo some more and have harder drops and this team will be next level.


I really liked this set. I liked your song selection and I thought most of if was very entertaining.
I agree with Howie that the choreo you guys have is great for 95% of the set. But for me, the choreo you guys have especially at the drops (12-16 beats after a drop) is lacking. There is usually a spike in energy and the moves get a little more complex just for a moment to make an impact. I thought this was somewhat lacking here. In addition, I though the music could have varied in pace a bit more. I watch the performance and the pace, including the drops, was pretty constant.
In saying that, this team has some of the best dancers in the circuit. I couldn't single anyone out for taking excessive rest or slacking off. Everyone completed the moves on par with one another and it was extremely satisfying to see a team full on dancers on the same level. I hope this team keeps growing and I'M SOOOOOO EXCITED TO SEE YOU AT BRUIN!!