Cal Bhangra @ CSUN 2016


Husky Bhangra (retired); KWG; GR

Performance is a bit cleaner than the last time I saw you guys. I think you guys have some cool concepts working for you. One that is refreshing is having guys and girls almost dance as separate units, its been done before by other Co-Ed teams, but its still adds a refreshing spin. You guys incorporated some nice layering to segments, some of it hit, some of it didn't. I thought your prop segments were pretty well done and executed. Ending song seemed to go on and on and while you guys did change formations, it didn't really amount to much visually as you guys moved forward, then back then to the side, etc-it was the equivalent of just doing 32 counts in place for me.
In terms of choreo, the choreo is fresh and a bit more modern than old-school Cal, but you guys did a lot "running" or "swag-walk" choreo for the drop-its hype, but not when its repeated so many times in the set. It seems like maybe one or two people do the choreo for this team-you guys could benefit from incorporating more people into creating choreo, you'll get fresh styles and ideas.
With regards to formations, there were a lot blocks, clumps and "groups", its nice to diversify with a line-heavy formation
Your dancers still look young and lack stage presence. They dance with heart, but I think form still has some ways to go. There were minor hiccups with people falling or messing up choreo here and there-nothing you can do about it-happens to everyone on stage.
However, to pull a Mariam-MODHE! You guys gotta work on your shoulder bounce in you chaals, your prop chaals and jugni chaals. While some people were doing it, a lot of people weren't and it takes away the hype.
Energy was also waning in what seemed to be the more inexperienced girls.
Just kinda spit out my first thoughts on watching the video, if you want a more in-depth critique just PM me.
There are some very potentially cool concepts in this set but I didn't get into it until Sapps picked up. For starters, the dude in the purple looks like he's indicating chest pain during the intro sher. That was off-putting but an easy fix. After that, I felt like every couple stretches of choreo you guys would stop and pose which took away from the opening segment for me. Couple thoughts.


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Heyyyy that Kuldeep Manak/ Harbhajan Mann segment hit! I was also a big fan of Gulab, but not too big of a fan of your end songs as I felt that it was not as hype as the segment before it. An end song should leave us hyped, so I'd recommend changing up the songs or the choreo for end song. Dancer in orange is the epitome of a dancer with nakhra, and for that, I respect him.