Cal Bhangra @ Nachda Punjab 2013 - 1st Place


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Hello BTF community,

Here is our video from Nachda Punjab. This performance was by far the most fun I've had on stage all year. My family was watching, many of my teammates' families were watching, and of our friends were there to support as well. Competitions like these I'm reminded that a big reason I dance is to share its artful nature through performance and bring joy to my family and friends via my emotions on stage. That's why I have no regrets to say that this was my last performance with Cal Bhangra. I'm sooo lucky to have been with this team as it began when I was a freshman and to see where it is now. So much has changed. We used to go crazy getting the chance to be an exhibition team at a competition. Now we're back-to-back 1st place winners at Nachda. I can't describe how crazy of a journey and total turnaround it's been. Though the dancers may be different, the one thing that hasn't changed about Cal Bhangra is that we always find a way to bond with each other and become one family.

Our main emphasis this year has been to dance as a unit and we hope that came across on stage. Speaking of unit, here is the unit that performed:

Ferozi - Harjit Singh & Anjuli Dhillon
Fire Red - Manreet Sandhu & Bhavi Vohra
Parrot Green - Nathan Singh Ellebracht & Raina Mathur
Hot Pink - Joshkamal Lehga & Barkha Tiwana
Grape Drank Purple - Kavan Sikand & Shreya Dhingra
Sunshine Yellow - Pavan Patel & Sara Khan
Chimta - Soni Mehra
Dholi - Pavit Deol

These are all the people that made it happen. I'm so proud of you all!! Going down the list of dancers, there's not one person who I would hesitate to call a great dancer. Each of you has worked very hard and you each have your own shining personality on stage.

A few shoutouts are in order. Baljot (Ankhiley), you really came through for us to tie our paggs and they came out so clean! Thanks Gabroo Punjabis for lending us two katos and also congrats on repeating with 1st place guys!! Congrats as well to NSG and Virse De Heeray. You guys ripped it! If I forgot anyone in particular, I apologize. But in general, people were very helpful and there was a lot of camaraderie I felt with other teams.

I'm going to move on to my jodi, Anjuli. There isn't anyone else that I would have wanted as my partner this year. Dancing with you feels natural. I'm able to laugh with you on and off stage. I hope you enjoyed your last performance as much as I enjoyed mine because you were a big part of it.

Manreet, it's been quite a ride bro. I'm so thankful that I had you with me this year. You stepped up when I couldn't and kept this team going. I know that you and the rest of the juniors are going to take this team to new levels next year. The circuit better be ready! Stay smiling bro because you look darn good when you smile :)

I appreciate anyone who took the time to read all that. I'm not sure if BTF is the place for sentimental going-away speeches but I'm sure some of you understand where I'm coming from and how I feel. We're looking forward to hearing everyone's reactions to our performance! Feedback is always much appreciated!

Cal Bhangra @ Nachda Punjab 2013


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Simple yet elegant. Cal was the most "in sync" team of the season, no doubt about it. Though, I would love to see more intricacy/difficulty into the choreo itself and a bit more energy. In a way the only difficult part of the routine was your synchronization, which is phenomenal, but nonetheless difficulty and synchronization are 2 diff categories on the scoresheet. Also the boil in this set was, imho, bad. Didn't build any josh, didn't act as a lead up, and the accent was really bad was kind of unnecessary. Aside from that it was a good set. You guys always bring a solid routine and this one was no less. Congrats on the placing though and good luck on your future endeavors.


Harjit don't leave!!!!

Loved your sher in the beginning, thought it was delivered in a unique way, which I personally enjoyed. Your dancing really shined in this last performance :) It's been great getting to know you this year and I hope to see you soon again! Congratulations to you and all the graduating seniors on such an awesome year!

It's clear Cal Bhangra works hard and this first place performance is indicative of that.

Some of my favorite moments of the set:

- When Nathan jumps out into Pataka around 4:53....damn.
- The 4 in the middle during End Mela...20 squats at the end of the dance? Incredible!

Once again, congratulations Cal, can't wait to see you guys again!


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Anik, thanks so much for the support! I'm really glad I got to know you and the rest of the team as well. Btw, things worked out and I'll be in DC this summer! :)

J-Skeet and Karn Singh. I really appreciate your guys' comments and feedback. I'm glad you guys were able to give us your honest opinions. On a more personal note, I am always looking to improve my sher. Are there any videos that you can link me to of shers that you think were presented well and were good lead-ups into performances?