Capital Bhangra at Maryland Mauj 2019


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Capital Bhangra is a new independent team based out of Washington, DC.
Here's our performance at Maryland Mauj! We had a great time and got lots of great feedback about ways to improve going forward. This is our second competition as a team so we're definitely still learning what our strengths and weaknesses are. Any feedback ya'll have will help us grow in the future.

Wanna give a few quick shoutouts:
- HUGE thanks to KM for a FIRE mix that fit our choreo like a glove and was a blast to dance to
- thanks to bradley ji and kavin ji for making some dope formations and working with me even when I'm annoying (which is always)
- thanks to our out of town crew. ya'll are the real OGs. working hard and traveling for practice isn't easy. many thanks to you guys
- many thanks to Victoria Lewis for making it possible for us to have practice places and also having our own vardiyaan
- thanks to Dholi Mankaran for being a boss and tying paghs for us and to VT bhangra for coming in super clutch and letting us use some paghs
- also thanks to UNC for letting use their khunde!

want to give a huge shoutout to Sumeet Jindal, Kuntal Shah, Sid Pandit, Ram Mahalingam, Umer Qureshi and Saagar Menon -- you guys taught me for so many years with so much patience and I couldn't have started a team without the invaluable lessons you guys gave me. You were hard on me everyday and pushed me to my limit. I am nowhere near you guys and have a ton to learn but I'm luckier than most to have some of the best teachers in the circuit.

also little bit of a shameless plug -- we are working on getting a larger local cohort so if you're in DC (or even close to the DMV area) and want to dance please please hit me up!

Much love,

Red: Brad Rosenblum and Tejasee Phatak
Purple: Saikrishna Kalla and Ashley Espinoza
Pink: Ace Motas and Shahana Ganesharajah
Ferozi: Kavin Sanghavi and Angela Luo
Black: Kanaai Shah and Jay Rathinavelu
Blue: Bashier Baten and Deepika Potarazu

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One thing that amazed me about both this and Burgh was the level of execution for such a difficult set. My legs were hurting watching all the betke and just when I thought you were going to take a break, something else happened. So serious props to the dancers for being able to even complete these sets, let alone kill them!

I thought this set was very well-made, and one of the issues I had about the Burgh set was that the individual ideas were there, but the complete set was missing. And I thought this time around, you guys really sold your ideas well and made them flow with regards to a complete set. Look forward to what you all do in the future, because Burgh set and this set had some very creative and original ideas!