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Circuit Reform


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Hey guys! So, there has been a lot of productive discussion on how we can reform the process of selecting our judges and well as selecting the lineup for each competition. Going off on that, I wanted to see what everyone's thoughts were on having a circuit solely for independent teams and a circuit just for collegiate teams? As captain of a collegiate team and having friends on independent teams, I have seen various discrepancies including dance experience (collegiate teams frequently have to retrain new dancers every year as people graduate) as well the amount of time we get to practice a week. I personally believe that this should play a role when selecting teams that are competing against each other. I have never danced for an independent team so I'm just opening up this thread to hear different perspectives!


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If I remember correctly, there have been a bunch of threads here and on DDN kind of discussing this. Collegiate teams say its harder to train new dancers and build passion in dancers, independent teams say its easier for collegiate teams to practice and get everyone together and organized. All in all, I think its even. Especially having danced for both collegiate and independent teams. All the claims made are completely accurate, but at the end of the day I don't personally think there is enough of a discrepancy to do anything about it.

Plus, collegiate teams have had their fair share of wins over independent teams recently ;)


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Agree with Sahil, even if collegiate teams as a whole don't match up to the top independents, you're simply not going to improve facing only collegiate teams. We've learned/improved the most, pushed ourselves the hardest, when facing teams like NJJ, FAUJ, FCB, FS etc. Cornell and VCU used to beat all the talent in the circuit consistently winning comps like Elite 8, WBBC, Burgh, Boston. The collegiate circuit is definitely improving again, but we can't just have the mindset it's impossible to beat independent teams. DRP year after year goes to Bruin and beats the top teams in the circuit. If the raw talent isn't there, you can play rubrics in several different ways by focusing more on the execution, sync, and creativity factors. Lastly, as long as Bhangra Blowout: The Collegiate Championships, keeps happening every year and correctly picks the top 8 to battle it out, that's all we really need at the end of the season.


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I think that what collegiate teams lack in form and stage presence in comparison to independent teams they can compensate with cleanliness, energy and formations. I think the circuit could benefit from another collegiate-only competition where more nascent collegiate teams can get a footing into the rigor of competition, but I don't think it precludes it either.


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Circuit probably would have actually died without academies/independent teams pushing the circuit forward in terms of technique and stuff. Imagine if SPD didn't start ripping every team a new one. We wouldn't have this current push for higher level execution